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Greece Country of Origin: Greece

1. Behold The Last Age
3. The Right In The Wrong Order
4. Into The Realm Of Consequence
5. A New Age Of Misery
6. Where Giants Fall
7. The Unstoppable March Of Time
8. Pseudo-optimistic Intentions
9. A Universe Of Shadows
10. Cloud Of Unknowing
11. Doors Of No Return
12. Monolith

Review by Emma on May 8, 2009.

Apocalyptic Death Metal coming in from Greece! Grnd_0’s debut album "Destroyer/Creator" was not a complete waste of my time. There are actually quite a few enjoyable moments throughout this album. The big issue though, was that none of those moments lasted just long enough. This trio gives listeners a blend of mainly Death Metal with Black, Thrash, Doom, and Heavy Metal on top of that.
I’ll start with the good news; these guys have some awesome riff writing going on, and sweet solos. I did catch myself nodding along at some points throughout the album, particularly for ‘Where Giants Fall’ Unfortunately, golden moments that cause such a stir in one’s self were quickly bulldozed over with a cacophony of synth and blast beats. This was an issue in almost every track. Grnd_0’s song structures are often a game of ping-pong between blast beats with at least three other layers of sound and slower black/doom riffs. A bridge really needs to be built here between one lest the listener drown in confusion.
Like overdoing it at the Ruby Tuesday salad bar, Grnd_0 is trying too much at one time. Lay off the bacon bits guys, and you’ll have something more appetizing next time around.

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Rating: 6.2 out of 10