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In The Eyes Of God

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In The Eyes Of God

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1999
Genre: Avant-Garde, Hardcore, Noise
1. In The Eyes Of God
2. Going To Hell
3. Spotting A Unicorn
4. Possesion
5. The Color Of Psychic Power
6. Mayari
7. Soldier Of Fortune
8. Bionic Cock
9. Argali
10. Afterlife
11. Himself
12. Daddy
13. Who Is The Black Angel?
14. Martial Law
15. False Reality
16. The Russian Child Porn Ballet
17. The Cold Harshness Of Being Wrong Throughout Your Entire Life
18. Honor
19. Worn Out
20. There Is No End

Review by Michael on June 7, 2001.

First up, I have to say that these are some of the most crazy vocals I have ever heard. I’m not sure just how many effects units are being used here but the result is fantastic!! In an attempt to demonstrate these vocals, I would have to put my testicles in a vice, then watch Bros videos for 24 hours while human faeces is injected into my eyes. After such time I think my screams would vaguely resemble the frustration and anger that ‘The Reverend’ Steve Austin (NOT STONE COLD) is demonstrating on this recording.

The style of Today Is The Day (10 points for the name!) is a little hard to put a finger side is deeply rooted in metal while the other is a horrific combination of jazz, blues, hardcore and a bit of avant-garde thrown in. They have done away with familiar song structure and have created something far more sinister. "In The Eyes Of God" is the 5th (of 6) release from these scary young men from Detroit, and it blew me away. After regaining consciousness from the vocal onslaught, I came to the conclusion that this just may well be the hardest working drummer in the world. I’m not just talking double kick, but Brann Dailor‘s normal patterns are like other drummers best fills. He is unbelievable, displaying all the trademarks of a jazz musician turned evil. The guitars are also excellent, going from some great old school Black Sabbath influenced riffs, to heavy jazz like parts, to fast hardcore. Just the drums and guitars together are enough to make average listener back up... but when they are combined with the afore mentioned vocals capable of skinning a cat, extreme ant-religious lyrics that seem to put nasty thoughts in your head that you never had before and some of the most disturbing samples I have ever heard we are left with what I’d call a masterpiece.

Favourite Track(s)? From 20?...hard one. ‘Going To Hell’, ‘Mayari’ and ‘Martial Law’.

Bottom Line: Let's play a game. Picture of the most atrocious scene imaginable, now add frustration, anger, insanity and anti-religious sentiment. Got it?... I now present to you the soundtrack.

Rating: 9 out of 10