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The Genocide Machine

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Migration
2. The Genocide Machine
3. Cremationism (Become The Flame)
4. From Eros To Thanotos
5. Corpses Of Refinement a.k.a. The Men Behind The Sun
6. Only One Per Coffin
7. Barbarians And Henchmen
8. Isabella's Nightmare
9. Two-Week Notice
10. Extreme Cannibal Smoke!
11. Digestive Ceremony
12. When We Make The Clouds Scream
13. Beetoven's Children
14. It's A Bloody Day When You Get Your Head Nailed To A Kross
15. Wormpaste (Bled Through The Earth)
16. Ch / Or
17. Ctrl * Alt * Delete

Review by Krys on July 14, 2001.

Let me start by saying that Circle of Dead Children is not your typical grind band. Sure there are 17 tracks in 28:37 min., however “The Genocide Machine” is far from a generic gore-grind album. These guys have found almost a perfect mix of hardcore, grind, death or even doom without compromising the aggression and fury characteristic to this genre.

“The Genocide Machine” will challenge your ears and your mind. Uncharacteristically to most of the gore-grind bands, the lyrics are very well written and surprisingly thought provoking and absorbing. It’s well worth the time to sit down and read through them. Combined with very well thought musical background they create a sick and deranged atmosphere, which can satiate the most demanding fans. Jason Andrews’ guitar creates a wall of sound that can rip your soul and with help from rhythm section they’ll decapitate your body. Special attention should be paid to Joe Horvath’s vocals which, by seamlessly going from deep sickening guttural gurgle to high pitched screams, make you think there are at least two vocalists in this band. If not for a few tracks that are not more than just fillers this release would score the highest grade.

Highlights of the album are definitely opener ‘Migration’, ‘The Genocide Machine’, ‘Cremationism (Become the Flame)’, ‘Corpses Of Refinement (aka The Men Behind The Sun)’ and ‘Beethoven’s Children’ which stand for the ultimate expression of rage, anger and the band’s determination to become a leader in today’s extreme metal scene.

Bottom Line: “The Genocide Machine” represents the state of the art in brutal music and is an essential release in any metal music collector.

Ratting: 8.5 out of 10