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Hate Procession

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. Intro: Berzloj
2. The Great Becoming
3. Order Of The Parasite
4. The Stampede
5. Jerusalem Addio
6. Day Of The Vulture
7. Total Peace

Review by Wiley on November 26, 2009.

Black architecture of hate and depravity housing an ancient machinery of dire purpose, the solitude embodied here exacts an atavistic vengeance of times (im)memorial. There is something very wrong conspiring here that touches even the most apathetic soul with a sense of sadness.

Yet all Lovecraftian allusions aside, this disc lingers and drips the agony of a misanthropic ideal. Most immediate to my attention are the samples renderred in English and German (?), and then the vocals as abrasive as any in recent memory, more akin to Bethlehem's hate than your standard Black Metal stereotype. The guitars and bass sludge away in a slow/midpace drive, soaking in a deliberate fuzz,rather than the buzzsaw Marshall tone adopted by their more Death and Black Metal peers of Swedish blood. Every nuance of repetition seems balanced here with atmosphere, utilizing sparse and minimalist keys here and there, trenched in creep and echo over full orchestral triumph.

Let me not forget the drum machine play here, if not very needed or appropriate; there are some interesting ideas culminating in this unjustly neglected tool. The drums sound like drums when neccesary, then for added impact various noise layers are added to keep each tracks drums from seeming to inane and repetitious. After all, this disc is about the atmosphere and hate. I have been asked as to whether this band is National Socialist or fascist, and I really have only one kind of answer, this band is out to relay hate, but not simply directionless - there is intent and If that intent I can only guess. The images and atmosphere portrayed by the music are equally held up in the package department stabbing the listener with a vague feeling of unrelenting emptiness. With a
booklet of pictures ranging from Timothy McVey's mugshot to a black convict strapped to the electric chair to mass graves and even the World Trade Towers upon impact prior to their fall. You get the idea these people really hate, and it bleeds through in spades with each and every plodding chug and virulent scream.

I would suggest this album best for fans of Neurosis, Leviathan, and Boyd Rice. All who do cannot embrace those disparaging sounds and atmospheres combined simply need not apply. Post apocalyptic visions aside, a fine disc for those days when you just wish everything would die a violent messy death.......

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 6.8
Atmosphere: 8.0
Production: 6.8
Originality 6.8

Rating: 7 out of 10