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10 Years Of Abuse (And Still Broke)

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Left To Starve
2. Hit A Girl
3. Depress
4. Children Of God
5. White Nigger (Live)
6. Depress (Live)
7. Take As Needed For Pain (Live)
8. My Name Is God (I Hate You) (Live)
9. Lack Of Almost Everything (Live)
10. Blood Money (Live)
11. Children Of God (Live)
12. Sister Fucker (Part I) & Sister Fucker (Part II) (Live)
13. 30$ Bag (Live)
14. Zero Nowhere (Live)
15. Methamphetamine (Live)

Review by Tobias on July 17, 2001.

The self-loathing sludge-core fiesta, EYEHATEGOD has decided to lay the smack of a cold wet mattress with springs sticking out down upon our heads with a compilation of historic and live tracks.

Truth be told, I’ve never been a big fan of sludge-core, but I can tell you from hearing this disc that the title does justice to the production quality.

One thing that bugs the hell out of me with this band is the lack of vocals; there is just way too much sludge-fest noise going on and very little to take you away from the cacophonic slow chaos that is crammed into the listener’s ears.

The first five tracks of the disc are from the band’s decade-ago demo. I never heard the original, but it seems to me that the boys in the band speak the truth about still being broke because this song doesn’t sound as if the sound quality was re-engineered from a demo copy… it still sounds like a demo.

Some fans love this for reasons which I will never quite understand. In the words of the vocalist from the band MC5, perhaps the most poorly produced band in history, choosing a poor sound quality for the sake of being a poor sound quality is pure idiocy; choosing it because you’re broke is forgivable.

Bottom Line: For the EYEHATEGOD virgin, it would be easy to say “you’re still broke ‘cuz you suck!” Again, this one is for the fans.

Rating: 5 out of 10