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Germany Country of Origin: Germany


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Release Date: 2008
Label: Self Released
Genre: Heavy
1. The Beginning
2. Ambiguity
3. Bite Of A Snake
4. Controlnation
5. Deserted
6. Diabolic
7. Disbelieve
8. End Of Fears
9. Follow Me
10. No Land Of God
11. Serenity
12. Sinister Prophet
13. Yggdrasil

Review by JD on December 30, 2009.

Lafrontera is a Progressive Power Metal group hailing from Germany, a country who is going though a Progressive Metal renaissance at the moment. Many bands have been jumping out from everywhere to clearly show that German metal is still not only viable, but it is growing.

Lafrontera sort of have this odd conglomeration of styles that make up their band. I can hear the heavy progressive sounds... but they seemed to have other metal sub-genes in there as well. I hear Power Metal resting beside some Classic strains while even some major Thrash comes through the mix loud and clear. They have all the parts there, but never got me fully engaged into the album at all.

The good and bad of it all is that Lafrontera are a really good band with some very heavy riffs and seriously good ideas to put into it... but there is nothing that makes them jump out and stands there through out the CD. The band seems to be a solid band that is in the process of finding out just who they are in relation to their music, but have not gotten to where they can get to as of yet.... but still the album is something to behold.

Songs like the heart rousing ‘Deserted’ spin through your mind like wildfires, yet the thought provoking track ‘No Land Of God’ show the band to have a great grasp of making some very interesting lyrics as well. Despite all of this good, the music also displays that the band lacks a certain something that can make their type of music jump from just above average to something that will completely eclipse the terminology for amazing.

They are one of a handful of really great bands with some serious promise... but at the same time the band have not put the correct pieces of that puzzle together yet. They are a band on the very threshold of becoming phenomenal. I am thinking that the next album they put out for themselves will tell the tale, and forge the next chapter. And I hope that it becomes a ’bestseller’.

Categorical Rating Breakdown 

Musicianship: 7
Atmosphere: 7.5
Production: 8
Originality: 7.5
Overall: 8.5

Rating: 7.7 out of 10