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300 Percent Density

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. 300 Percent Density
2. Signs Of Discontent
3. Without Water
4. Mass
5. Constant Velocity Is As Natural As Being At Rest
6. Words From The Lexicon
7. Channeling Elements
8. Advancing Positions
9. The Obvious Destination
10. Contents Under Pressure
11. Opposing Meter

Review by Tobias on July 19, 2001.

As some of you regulars may know, I’m all for change and doing things differently and being original. Therefore, based on their reputation I was really looking forward to hearing Candiria for the first time.

I don’t quite know how else to say this, but 300 Percent Density was lame.

Talk about a major dissappointment! I heard all this good stuff about how they blend in various music styles including jazz and hip-hop and that they’re great musicians and the like. What people are saying about the jazz influence is ridiculous; yes, they have some influence, no they don’t do it well. Try listening to Mr. Bungle, that’s a jazz influence done well. About the hip-hop thing, we all know that it’s the current fad with nu-metal, and this isn’t like nu-metal, this is just silly; these guys move from some form of death thrash to a completely hip-hop/rap song, there is no blending, it’s choppy and it just happens suddenly. Here’s what seems like Candiria’s basic formula: it’s a thrash song, it’s a rap song, it’s a death song, it’s a rap song, it’s a thrash song with a slightly jazz influenced rhythm, it’s a rap song.

Understand that I’m not ripping on this because of the rap/hip-hop elements at all. I was hoping they could pull it off really well. We haven’t heard anything good in that area since early Rage Against The Machine.

I really found very little value in this disc. Some may like it for the sake of being different, but ultimately it isn’t any different than a few varying genres. There’s nothing new here and the fact that one band is doing it and calling it unique irks me because it’s just a stupid mask for an unfocused vision.

Bottom Line: I have no interest in poorly arranged genre mixing. I give them a couple of claps for an attempt at originality, but a large gaseous plume from my ass for failing miserably.

Rating: 2 out of 10