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Terror Succeeds

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. Soulexcursion
2. Terror God
3. Retaliation
4. Nuclear Storm Demise
5. The Punishment
6. Dimension Hell
7. Black Death
8. Diseased
9. The Loss Of Life
10. Nightmare Resurrection

Review by Krys on July 14, 2001.

Looking for some new melodic thrash-death albums? Look no further, Impious delivers one of the best albums in this genre and does it with such power and aggression you might want to remove any sharp object from your room before you hurt yourself in a convulsive mash while listening to the “Terror Succeeds”.

These four Swedes are definitely sick of the world around them and they do everything that’s in their power to let you know about it through their music. Furious drum beats, outstanding guitar riffs, screaming solos and angry vocals are their medicine. The vocal performance by Martin Åkesson is just awesome, varying from clean parts and thrash vocals to brutal death growl he can change the mood of the song in a split second.

One of my favorite tracks ‘Terror God’, would be the perfect example of all the aforementioned elements in just one song. To mention the countless number of great riffs and breathtaking jobs of the rhythm section I would have to write the whole track list, which I won’t cause you can check it above. But let me tell you, those guys know when to hit you with a hammer and when to create an outstanding melodic groove or implement classic guitars to add variety to the song’s structure and… so you can catch a needed breath.

The only flaw that I found is the production quality, specifically the sound of guitars; in my humble opinion they need more bottom to sound a little more powerful but that’s a matter of personal taste and it doesn’t take anything away from this great release.

Bottom Line: Keep an eye on these guys cause they’ll bring you a lot of excitement to your miserable life in years to come but for now why don’t you run to your nearest store and buy this CD.

Rating: 9 out of 10