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Italy Country of Origin: Italy

1. IlluminaT
2. Babba
3. Scarto
4. Fischio, Come Guarire Un
5. Plasticosmic
6. Tritone
7. Qubo
8. C'e` Vite Sulla Luna?

Review by JD on January 30, 2010.

Progressive Rock and even Prog Metal in general is not a very popular genre, but it is one that is starting to grow steadily thanks to the dedicated musicians who have the need to stretch the boundaries of music as far as it can go. So knowing that much... Does this band called Prophexy stack up to what is out there?

This Italian band calls itself a ‘Pro-aggressive Rock’, which is a completely foreign term to me. I dive in to teach myself the term and find a band who is very progressive thinking in many ways, yet it catches my attention that they seem a little too progressive. I love musicians who press the envelope more than just a little (Listening to Frank Zappa made me that way)... but these guys seem to do it without any sort of real conviction behind the music... having all the talent right there and ending up feeling very flat and lifeless. Guess I could describe their album as almost being like Pink Floyd minus all of the heart and passion out of the music... it ends up a shell of what the music could have been.

Don’t get me wrong here, they are a great grouping of stellar musicians that came together here... some of the best I can tell, but they seem to have no real sense of heart through out the album. Sure, I would love it if they were heavier and faster in their style... but I do like when a band can rock out without the slamming riffs as well.

Prophexy just seems like a piece of spaghetti that had been way over boiled... no substance despite having all of the right ingredients. Perhaps there are going to be some progressive metallers and rockers who just might like the album as it is... I on the other hand don’t. The band are so very good musicians, but there is more to music than talent. I have learned that it is the great musicians out there who know how to breath life into the music. Sadly, Prophexy does not. Too bad... they are wickedly talented, but no fuel to the fire.

Categorical Rating Breakdown 

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 5
Production: 8
Originality: 6 (lack of emotion loses this mark)
Overall: 6

Rating: 6.8 out of 10