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Honky Reduction

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. Black Ink On Black Paper
2. Polished Turd
3. Filthy Murder Shack
4. The Withering Of Skin
5. Empowerment
6. The House Of Feasting
7. Die And Get The Fuck Out Of The Way
8. Insipid Conversations
9. Vexed
10. Circus Mutt 1
11. Lives Ruined Through Sex
12. Clawhammer And An Ether Rag
13. NYC Always Reminds Me
14. Her Despair Reeks Of Alcohol
15. Chump Slap
16. Burned Away In Sleep
17. Grief Is Not Quantifiable
18. Cloved In Twain
19. Torn Apart By Dingos
20. Pagan Territories
21. Hat Full Of Shit
22. McWorld
23. How Sean Through His Back Out Sneezing
24. Bones In One Bag
25. Acute Awareness
26. Two Shits To The Moon

Review by Michael on July 10, 2001.

The first time I gave this CD a spin I couldn’t help but laugh. With an average song length of about 30 seconds, and the average song name of about 8 words….it seems there is only enough time in each track to say the title and then move on to the next one. I’m not sure exactly what Agoraphobic Nosebleed were trying to achieve with this release, and to be honest I have no idea of whether or not they actually achieved it. They are written up as a Grind Core band, but I’m not exactly a wealth of knowledge in this genre. From everything that I’ve heard and seen….Grind Core is the name you give any music that sounds like drilling concrete (in 30 second intervals).

Now to the songs themselves. Well, I don’t think I can really call them songs….because they don’t seem to contain any pre-conceived structure at all. It sounded more like someone yelled out “ok guys, the mics on” and the band just started kicking their instruments around the room while the vocalist concentrates on fitting in all 8 title words into his 30 second timeframe, in a style that sounds surprisingly like someone is cutting his arm off with scissors. There are no real drums on this recording, only drum machines. I don’t think they spent too many hours programming the beats for each song, they just dialled up a couple of snare, kick and symbol sounds, turned the tempo up to about 400 and pressed play 26 times during the recording.

I think the only reason they actually created separate ‘tracks’ is so all the fans can use that little random button on their stereos, and challenge each other to a game of ‘which track is that?’. I’m quite sure that I would lose this game as I found myself checking if there was a problem with my CD player every 5 minutes (that’s about 14 songs by the way) to see if it was stuck on the same track.

Bottom Line: In all fairness to Agoraphobic Nosebleed, this cannot be a serious release. With tracks like ‘Polished Turd’, ‘Hat Full of Shit’ and the all time classic ‘How Sean Through His Back Out Sneezing’, I don’t expect this album to go down in metal history.

Rating: 3.5 out of 10