Animo Aeger


Germany Country of Origin: Germany


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Release Date: 2009
Genre: Black
1. Nuancen / Disparitaten: Das R-Kapitel
2. Den Laufstall Zu Brechen...
3. Verheissungsvolle Felder, Geschutzt Von Ebenjenem Eis
4. The Box
5. Der Begriff Der Reinheit, Getrankt Von Graberschweiß
6. Großstadtlyrik
7. Der Maskierte Blinde

Review by JD on June 28, 2010.

If ever evil has an official soundtrack to it!!. I think I have found the single band that has made the perfect musical accompaniment for the purely wicked that inhabits our hopeless world. Animo Aeger is the band that has truly captured the very dank essence of true evilness and despair.

With low and dissonant sounds and an atmospheric sound that you might hear in your local bondage shop, German Animo Aeger create this diabolic and chaotic wall of pure malevolence that is wrapped in a satanic cloth of black silk. With hellfire spitting guitars and drumbeats that seem to come from the dark realm itself. It is the combination of true old school Norwegian Black Metal mixed with this very disjoint and malefic sounding vocals that bleed of pure hellfire and pain. All that which is the main driving force to this. Black Metal Gods Emperor could not even do any better to create such a cold yet powerful sound.

The lyrics are pretty much all sung in German (where the band is located in), but that should not matter to the dedicated black metallists out there. The sinister and dark evilness of what is being said will transcend any language barriers and gives you such a wicked sense of glee that is hard to ignore. In short, you get what they are singing about without going through many years of language classes (I can understand though).

To say that Animo Aeger are one of the best Black Metal around may seem a little boastful to announce...yet it is so damned true. This is a band does put the ‘black’ in Black Metal. I will go as to say that if there were any superstars in BM... this is a band that is in serious contention for this sort of adulation from the darken hoards. The only bad thing for their album is the horrible sounding recording (They recorded in their rehearsal space on their own)...if they had done this material in a proper recording studio, it would be a perfect blackened eleven rating (out of ten).

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 10
Production: 5.5 (Yes, that bad!)
Originality: 9
Overall: 9

Rating: 8.6 out of 10