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As Of Yet Unknown

United States Country of Origin: United States

As Of Yet Unknown
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Release Date: 2010
Label: Self Released
Genre: Black, Melodic
1. Cause Of Progress
2. Empyrical Sphere
3. The River Flows On
4. Limitations
5. The Five Ways
6. Sleep Of Reason
7. Emergence
8. Once Becoming
9. As Of Yet Unknown

Review by JD on November 28, 2010.

I've been a fan of Black Metal for years; seeing how the genre has grown and become more complex has been an amazing thing and I am proud that I have watched it flourish. I have been impressed by some of the artists that have been coming out but today, I have been blown away by a band I have never even heard of yet. Virginia(USA) based Ecliptic.

I was surprised by this bands complete musicality, to the point of almost disbelief. I was expecting and hoping for something good and I got more. Strong melodies that are infused with some very heavy riffs and insanely brutal vocals. It seems that the band have taken people like Cradle Of Filth and Gravespawn, amped it up and added in some major strength of melody and with more than a pinch of Death Metal’s acrid stamp and even the progressiveness of My Dying Bride as well.

‘Sleep Of Reason’ is a track that straddles the barbwire covered fence between strong melody and brute power and is a good example of the band’s brutality, but it is the massive sounding ‘The River Flows On’ that show off the bands masterfulness of their dark crafts while talents put Ecliptic on the fast track to getting the metal masses respect.

With a wee bit better production and a letting their music grow naturally, Ecliptic are going to be one of those bands that will go far. They may not be on the top of the heap but they are climbing the granite walls and killing those who are weaker than them. Buy and enjoy!!! I think we have not heard the last from these Dark Virginians.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 8.5
Production: 8
Overall: 8.5

Rating: 8.9 out of 10