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Occlused In Ottusity

Italy Country of Origin: Italy

Occlused In Ottusity

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Release Date: 2004
Genre: Death, Grind
1. Intro
2. Muscular Prevarication
3. Corporal Usurpation
4. Ciccio Tagliavia
5. Brutal Devastation
6. Caimme
7. Anfame
8. C.E.P.
9. Petra Lavica Etnea
10. Abominations Of Triviality
11. Diabolos
12. Occlubinated Eyes Convergence
13. Scacciatiesta
14. Pulverization After Intimidation
15. Inebetit
16. Eaten
17. Cerebral Regression
18. Guttural Satisfaction
19. Macabrotic Poetry
20. From The Obsolation To The Obeteration
21. Microscopic Brain
22. Putrification Of The Mind
23. A'cinta No!
24. Sbigottit
25. Primitivity 46
26. Reborn In Ignorance
27. Se So Sa
28. Sucaman
29. Ottenebrated Perseveration Through Mental Disorder
30. Occlused In Ottusity
31. Anal By Anal
32. Tristeza

Review by JD on March 15, 2011.

It is rare that I find something that is intriguing, yet so bad. I have waded through some very bad CD’s from bands over they years, but I think that I might have stumbled on a band that is in every word the apodeme of pure crap. So sadly, this is exactly what Italy has given us in the form of a Grindcore/Death band known as Balatonizer.

Italy’s Balatonizer is the attempt of combining Grindcore with extreme Death Metal. While the idea is a good one, this album is clearly just a noise fuelled and totally no talented try that has no redeeming quality. Fuelled by the hideous sounding programmed drums and the scourge of simplistic and uninspired riffs, Balatonizer is a band without any clue making as
much useless noise as humanly possible.

With 32 short bursting tracks (the longest only a minute and twenty nine seconds long), it is clearly an album that has no real direction or melody to it at all. I love extreme metal in it's many forms that it comes... but you need talent to pull it off - these guys don’t even have the slightest clue to find talent. Balatonizer is a band that is just plain noise... not Noisecore, not good Grind - it is the bad side of noise.

I just am not even close to liking this band. Even a little talent would be a improvement and maybe get a nicer review than the one I am unleashing here. Balatonizer is a band that needs to be not encouraged to find a different line of work and spare the ears of every metal fan out in the world. Perhaps ditch digging or working at some fast food restaurant might be the safest job for them. It would save metal the pain of hearing this 100% pure crap.

Wish I could sue these guys for gross metal incompetence- that is how bad it is.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 3
Atmosphere: 3
Production: 2
Overall: 2

Rating: 2.6 out of 10