Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. DISC 1 -- Deadline
2. Darkness Part One
3. Hang 'em High
4. The Justice Song
5. Lady Death
6. Where Evil Hides (Intro)
7. On Your Knees
8. Sealing Fates
9. Sometimes I Bleed
10. Walk The Other Way
11. The War Is Over
12. Where Evil Hides (Outro)
13. Any Other Day
14. Barbed Wire Tight
15. Ballad To The Harvest
16. World Of Pain
17. Darling Meet Demise
18. The Grave
19. When The Raven Spoke My Name
20. Skeleton
21. Summer Went South
22. Desolate
23. DISC 2 -- Likbor
24. Heathen Ground
25. The Endlessness
26. Ruin
27. And The Bells Are Ringing Doom
28. North
29. Darkness Part Two
30. The Men Of Gallow Proud
31. The Seaward Song
32. The Road And The Forest
33. Nihil Interit
34. Sigars Oyk
35. Origins
36. En Bekk Av Blod

Review by JD on March 31, 2011.

Now and then, I end up feeling equally confused and intrigued by an act that comes to me. I find myself at this point with a Norwegian one man band called Weh... confusion. This is very unusual, indeed.

Using only acoustic guitars (twelve and six string) sometimes a bass or synthesizers in the background - this single solitary man (sometimes with a few friends) makes what I would like to coin Satanic Folk music. Sort of like if you mixed the darkness of Bathory with an odd musical adaptation of Bob Dylan and flower children. Oddly artistic... is still not metal, but
amazingly this is pretty good when you get down to it.

"Origins" is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Erik E makes it work with demonic ease. With haunting simpleness and hades induced lyrics that creeps into your mind it is a travel down the river Styx and through the seven gates of hell. It is not metal but it is good. Songs like the haunting 'Ruin' to the acoustic power of 'The Grave', this double disk is packed with Black Metal power without the metal.

I like these disks, but I do not love them. As a musician, I see the amazing levels of talent in them, but the music lacks that certain power that metal has, so this is lost from the start. I would recommend "Origins", as a background music at a Halloween party. It will summon things from the depth of hell... if this was metal, I would give "Origins" a perfect 10.

A word of suggestion to Erik E from me: consider redoing all of this music with electric guitars, bass and drums and summon the power of metal. You have the talent, use the right medium to do it.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 9
Atmosphere: 5
Production: 5
Originality: 9
Overall: 6

Rating: 6.8 (all of this for the talent, not the metal aspect)