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Prowler In The Yard

United States Country of Origin: United States

Prowler In The Yard

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Death, Heavy, Noise, Thrash
1. Jennifer
2. Cheerleader Corpses
3. Scatology Homework
4. Trojan Whore
5. Ghost Of A Bullet
6. Heart And Crossbones
7. Strangled With A Halo
8. Intimate Slavery
9. Mapplethorpe Grey
10. Evacuating Heaven
11. Tickets To The Car Crash
12. Naked Trees
13. Sheet Metal Girl
14. Preacher Crawling
15. Pornographic Memory
16. Murder Blossom
17. Body Scout
18. Snuff Film At Eleven
19. Hyperviolet
20. Starbelly
21. Junkyard God
22. Piss Angel

Review by Krys on August 17, 2001.

I’ve never been a grindcore fan for one simple reason: nothing seems to characterize one band from another. It’s always the same music idea, lyrical content, sound or even album covers. In one word this scene is too stagnant for anyone who seriously treats music as a way of life rather than just a secondary media that helps to get stoned or fucked up in a cheap bar.

But then there are bands like Pig Destroyer that try to pump some life into this dead corpse and do it with noticeable success. Their second full-length “Prowler in the Yard” proves that you can write not only ferociously intense, heavy and ugly as fuck music but also interesting albums keeping you on your toes with well thought-out lyrics.

What sets Pig Destroyer apart from their peers is how intelligently the variety of styles are used, which at the end create a destructive machine spilling relentless pulsating metal. The first thing that really stuck in my head were Jr Hayes’ vocals. This guy is nuts. On every track he yells and screams his head off and here and there sticks in the occasional death metal growl. Drums, if I say they are super fast machine-gun bursts I won’t surprise anyone, after all we are talking about a grindcore band but that’s not all there is to it. Brian Harvey’s pounding could become perfect lesson material to many young drummers if he could only take his foot from accelerator and drop some RPMs. Going hand in hand with rhythm section is Scott Hull’s guitar. Even though (on purpose) it’s lacking bottom-end, Scott’s axe freely moves between punk, death, grindcore, thrash and hardcore. There is no bass description cause they don’t have one. Amazingly enough three instruments, counting insane vocals as one, create so much music that I don’t think bass would bring anything creative other than deep pounding in your guts. Which actually might be an excellent idea...

Bottom Line: One of the most intelligent and intense grindcore releases of the past decade.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10