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Into Gay Pride Ride

Italy Country of Origin: Italy

Into Gay Pride Ride
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2010
Label: Self Released
Genre: Hard Rock, Heavy, Power
1. Metropolis Part 3 - The Legacy
3. Stormlord Of Power
4. "The Nanowarrior's Prayer"
5. Blood Of The Queens
6. "DJ Fernanduzzo"
7. Odino & Valhalla
8. "Radio Grafia #2"
9. Surprise Love
10. Forest Of Magnaccions
11. "1 vs. 100"
12. Look At Two Reels
13. Lamento Erotico
14. RAP-sody
15. Karkagnor's Song - The Hobbit
16. Karkagnor's Song - In The Forest

Review by JD on September 19, 2011.

I have been into and around metal for many years, and I thought that I had heard everything that metal had to offer up. I am pleasantly, and totally wrong. Nanowar Of Steel floated across my desk, and I have not had such a amazing time listening and reviewing an album ever.

Coming out of Italy, this motley collection of good musicians have taken tongue in cheek humour, added in a whole boat load of irreverence and then topped it off with some good old parody while still showing that they could play with the best in the world.

Describing this band is easy and hard a the same time. Can we say a fucked up version of Weird Al in a metal band? This would be the one that could be that. With spoofing lyrics, cartoonishly bad gay stereotypes and irreverent outlooks on life in general, these guys would make any adult entertainer blush.

Songs mixed with humour snippets is what you get, along with a healthy splash of pure mockery. If you like this type bold and very progressive humour, one listen to 'Odino and Vanhalla'... you’ll be hooked on these guys forever. Just think of this band a gay side of the old Mentors... it is not for children or the weak minded, but for the main lot of us who love crazed humour and can see it all around us.

This album make me laugh again and again, truly these guys are making some sort of a statement... but damn I do not care what it is. Nanowar Of Steel is just a good album to pass the time listening to. To those few who have a closed mind or some antiquated view of homosexuality... this is not an album for you. I have a relative who is openly and proudly gay, and he listened to this album - he nearly pissed himself laughing - he saw the humour for what it was, and not in any way harmed by it.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Atmosphere: 9
Production: 9 (rough, yet it)
Originality: 9
Overall: 9

Rating: 9.0 out of 10