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Genre: Atmospheric, Folk

United States Country of Origin: United States

Victims Of The Times Victims Of The Times Full-Length 2021
Nightmares At Dawn Nightmares At Dawn Compilation 2012
Portal Of Sorrow Portal Of Sorrow Full-Length 2010
All Reflections Drained All Reflections Drained Full-Length 2009
Defective Epitaph Defective Epitaph Full-Length 2007
Subliminal Genocide Subliminal Genocide Full-Length 2006
Xasthur Xasthur EP 2006
Nortt / Xasthur Nortt / Xasthur Split 2004
Telepathic With The Dead Telepathic With The Dead Full-Length 2004
To Violate The Oblivious To Violate The Oblivious Full-Length 2004
Xasthur / Nachtmystium Xasthur / Nachtmystium Split 2004
The Funeral Of Being The Funeral Of Being Full-Length 2003
Nocturnal Poisoning Nocturnal Poisoning Full-Length 2002
A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors Demo 2001