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Genre: Black

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

Deep Calleth Upon Deep Deep Calleth Upon Deep Full-Length 2017
Live At The Opera Live At The Opera DVD 2015
Satyricon Satyricon Full-Length 2013
The Age Of Nero The Age Of Nero Full-Length 2008
My Skin Is Cold My Skin Is Cold EP 2008
Now, Diabolical Now, Diabolical Full-Length 2006
Volcano Volcano Full-Length 2002
Ten Horns - Ten Diadems Ten Horns - Ten Diadems Compilation 2002
Rebel Extravaganza Rebel Extravaganza Full-Length 1999
Intermezzo II Intermezzo II EP 1999
Megiddo - Mother North In The Dawn Of A New Age Megiddo - Mother North In The Dawn Of A New Age EP 1997
Crusade From The North Crusade From The North Split 1996
Nemesis Divina Nemesis Divina Full-Length 1996
The Forest Is My Throne The Forest Is My Throne Split 1995
The Shadowthrone The Shadowthrone Full-Length 1994
Dark Medieval Times Dark Medieval Times Full-Length 1993