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Genre: Black, Death, Folk, Melodic

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Wolfbite Wolfbite Full-Length 2021
Echoes Of Yore Echoes Of Yore Full-Length 2019
Cimbric Yarns Cimbric Yarns Full-Length 2018
Realms Of Odoric Realms Of Odoric Full-Length 2016
Eternal Defiance Eternal Defiance Full-Length 2013
The Eternal Chronicles The Eternal Chronicles EP 2013
Book Of Dowth Book Of Dowth Full-Length 2011
Crógacht Crógacht Full-Length 2009
13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes 13 Years Of Celtic Wartunes DVD 2008
Caledonia Caledonia Full-Length 2006
Command To Charge Command To Charge Full-Length 2005
Signs For The Fallen Signs For The Fallen Full-Length 2003
Emprise To Avalon Emprise To Avalon Full-Length 2002
The Arcanum The Arcanum Full-Length 2000
Lays From Afar Lays From Afar Full-Length 1999
Auld Lang Syne Auld Lang Syne Full-Length 1998
Lupine Essence Lupine Essence Full-Length 1997