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Genre: Progressive, Thrash

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

Lost Machine - Live Lost Machine - Live Live 2020
The End Of Dormancy The End Of Dormancy EP 2020
The Wake The Wake Full-Length 2018
Always Moving Always Moving EP 2018
Silver Machine Silver Machine EP 2017
Post Society Post Society EP 2016
At The Gates / Voivod At The Gates / Voivod Split 2015
Target Earth Target Earth Full-Length 2013
Warriors Of Ice Warriors Of Ice Live 2011
Infini Infini Full-Length 2009
Katorz Katorz Full-Length 2006
D-V-O-D-1 D-V-O-D-1 DVD 2005
Voivod Voivod Full-Length 2003
Lives Lives Live 2000
Phobos Phobos Full-Length 1997
Negatron Negatron Full-Length 1995
The Outer Limits The Outer Limits Full-Length 1993
Angel Rat Angel Rat Full-Length 1991
Nothingface Nothingface Full-Length 1989
Dimension Hatross Dimension Hatross Full-Length 1988
Rrröööaaarrr Rrröööaaarrr Full-Length 1986
War And Pain War And Pain Full-Length 1984