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There are so many great but underappreciated bands within the black metal world that even though they were a part of the classic 90's era, they struggled to get the recognition they deserved throughout the majority of the band's existence. However, no matter how dark things may seem, they always manage to light a new flame and resurface like a phoenix from the ash. The band in question is the German melodic black/death metal band Mystic Circle from Ludwigshafen, which was reformed in 2021 under the leadership of the band's two original members, Graf von Beelzebub and Aaarrrgon. The band's resurrection proved to be very successful with the release of their eight self-titled album "Mystic Circle" in 2022, but their ninth and latest album "Erzdämon" sends a direct message to the loyal masses which ensured that the band will be staying here for years to come. For this opportunity, I've decided to share some words with Graf von Beelzebub, where we've discussed the band's reformation, the current status and also the potential future for Mystic Circle.


It's been more than a month since your brand-new album "Erzdämon" has been released and the attention towards Mystic Circle seems so much bigger this time in comparison to your previous album released last year. From what I've seen so far, the reactions from fans and critics have been overwhelmingly positive, including the level of support from fans. How do you feel knowing that the band has come a long way and is doing pretty well at this point if not better than ever, especially after its resurrection in 2021?

It feels fantastic and we are completely satisfied with the release. We are very creative and inspired at this time, even the demos for the next album are almost. When Blackwar and myself come together, it's like an inspiration for dark art. The ideas flow as a well functioned machinery, and it's our unique style. it's a symbiosis of darkness and our interests in demonic, mystical stories.

Mystic Circle has undergone so many line-up changes throughout 30 years of its existence, but now it's just the two of you: A.Blackwar and Beelzebub. What made you decide that the two of you should reform the band, especially since the band was once briefly reformed in 2014/2015 without your involvement?

First of all, there was no reformation in 2014/2015. The band is and was and ever will be A. Blackwar and myself. We decided to stay as a two piece, because we have the same interest and we are working together the way it should be and we want it to be, without doing compromises. So, we are here to close the legacy of Mystic Circle and to spread the spirit of 1992, the year we both founded the band. We are working with many great people, but the band is Blackwar and Beelzebub and no one else.

From what I can tell, you were very lucky to have Mystic Circle signed to a major label such as Atomic Fire Records right at the doorstep of the band's reformation. Have there already been some negotiations with the label in the meantime before you announced your official return?

We are longtime friends with Markus Wosgien, who was one of the founders in Atomic Fire Records and he and his team liked what we have produced and offered them.

You were formerly signed to Atomic Fire Records, but later the band shifted to the sub label Fireflash Records which just released "Erzdämon" and also re-released "Drachenblut". How come you suddenly changed from one label to another and did this lead to any drastic differences?

Markus Wosgien offered us to release Erzdämon and our back-catalog on his newly founded label Fireflash Records, which works very tight together with Atomic Fire. For us it makes no difference in a special way, as all our releases are in good hands and you can get them worldwide. Also, we have complete freedom in our art. There are no borders for us and it's a 100% Mystic Circle of what you get.

What are the plans for Mystic Circle's future position within the music world? Will you remain only as a studio band like Darkthrone from now on, working and releasing new material, or will there also be some live shows with additional members?

We will promote Erzdämon now, but we are also ready to go in the studio for the next album as well. Also Infernal Satanic Verses will come out on special vinyl reprint for the first time, strictly limited. We will produce more video content next year and we will talk about live shows at the end of the year. Never say never, but it has to be discussed and planned very well.

I think it's safe to say that Mystic Circle has become a very experienced and professional band, both in terms of musicality and presentation, especially since there are also official music videos, which hasn't been the thing of the past. How do you reflect on the fact that the band is now capable of frequently recording and releasing music videos on YouTube?

We are big fans of horror movies and we work together with the right people now, like the video company for the visual representation of the band, which will stay and become a big part of Mystic Circle also in the future. So, lots of stuff is coming.

The music industry is always a gamble and there is a huge chance that even a band such as yourselves might go under the radar, ending up completely overlooked and ignored beside so many other artists out there. However, at this point it seems that in the case of Mystic Circle it's the exact opposite, which might have to do with the fact that you're signed to a major label and you're handling everything pretty well. Have you ever feared that the band might go unnoticed because of so many other black metal releases by renowned musicians?

The business is always difficult and changes fast, but we are very relaxed as we believe in ourselves and as we are convinced about the quality we deliver. We don't make any money from this project, but try to cover all expenses and invest more. As long as it goes well, we will carry on and if it ends one day, we can look back on a great and powerful legacy. All we can do is to deliver our best and we are totally satisfied with the latest results of our two records. So hopefully the supporters all over the world are going this way with us.

The world of black metal has obviously expanded on a much larger scale when compared to the early beginnings of Mystic Circle in 1992. Have you been able to follow up on the genre's evolution to this day and what recent black metal albums did you like the most?

Well, we are calling our music "extreme metal" because we have lots of different influences in our music, like soundtracks, classic music and traditional heavy metal tablatures, which we play in a disharmonic way. But of course, there is the satanic and Antichrist aspect in our music, also demonic and horror influenced stuff, but that's our character and this is how we play our music. We love the old school way like Venom, Dissection, Dark Funeral and newer bands like Gaerea. But we are not only into black metal, my roots go back to Iron Maiden, Deicide, Paradise Lost, Agnostic Front and so on.

Although your previous self-titled album marked a wonderful return which also showed a great deal of promise, I think that "Erzdämon" proves the point that the Mystic Circle will definitely be around in the coming years. Do you feel that the band will be more active than before?

We will continue with our own style and we have a lot of themes we wanna look into lyrically in the future. The core of the music will always be like what you hear now. It's the Mystic Circle style of extreme metal.

Thank you so much for taking your time! I am looking forward to hearing more from Mystic Circle in the near future. Are there any final words you'd like to leave to your fans that are reading this interview?

Thanks man, it is always a pleasure to get interest in our work. We are fully inspired and hopefully there will be more music and mayhem soon. Till then enjoy the Dark World of Erzdämon.

Beelzebub and Mystic Circle

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