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"Invoking The Abysmal Night" was a hell of a black metal album (and in my humble opinion one of the best ones in '23) Finnish band Aegrus released the last fall (read review written by Felix here). I have to confess that I never read any statements by the band in any magazines so I decided to hook up with them with some interview questions. Fortunately their vocalist Darkseer Inculta and bass player / guitarist Lux Tenebris were  kind enough to agree and pass me over some really profound answers to my questions. Thanks for that again and – if for any incomprehensible reasons you haven't yet – you should check the album for sure! Enjoy reading!


Hails! How are things going in Finland?

Lux Tenebris: Ave Michael! Hellish amounts of snow, overwhelming darkness and the moon shining also during the day. So nice and cozy midwinter time all in all.

With "Invoking The Abysmal Night" you recently released your 4th full-length album which is one of my personal highlights in black metal in 2023. What would you say is the biggest difference to its predecessors?

Darkseer Inculta: This album has more variation compared to previous albums, especially from the musical aspect. All songs have a distinct tone with different styles mixed in making this more diverse than what for example In Manus Satanas was. Although we've had guitar solos, acoustic parts, choirs and clean vocals in earlier works as well, they are being used more widely this time around than ever before.

In 2022 you released a very fine EP "The Carnal Temples" so there wasn't too much time between both releases. You did the same before too or shortly after a new full-length. Do you have a penchant for EPs?

LT: Do we have a penchant for EPs? How about Nunslaughters catalog, haha! But seriously, EP songs are the songs which deserve to be put out in publicity but for some reason or other are not appropriate for full length albums. Actually at first I had a feeling that The Carnal Temples should be left without doing in the first place but luckily things turned the other way around since it came out surprisingly strong of its own. It was also nice to put out a 10" release since it's a format of a dying breed nowadays.

The lyrics are dripping from Satanic images and blasphemy. Is this more a philosophical aspect or do you consider Satanism as the religion you practice? (And in this case, how?)

DsI: Both aspects are presented. However not necessarily as equally as it all depends how I feel about the music and which style is more fitting. Blasphemy has always been one the core elements of black metal lyricism and thus a natural part of Aegrus as well. But as we have grown older, the philosophical aspect has taken a noticeable share of our lyrics too. I wouldn't call Satanism or Devil worship a religion. More like a philosophy and way of life. It's something that is affecting the ways I feel and view the surrounding world. The driving powerful force inside.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

LT: The main inspiration comes from within, from the obscure energies and forces I feel inside me. I convey those indescribable feelings through my hands to my guitar and try to do that as honestly as I can. Besides black metal I also listen to different kinds of music genres like classical music or Finnish melancholic schlager, and those alterations keep different kinds of musical ideas flowing. When it comes to lyrics Darkseer Inculta makes almost all of them but when I make one, I basically reflect my own worldview there which includes Devil Worship, adoration for Luciferian Illumination and vast interest towards death and beyond.

Do you have a common thread on "Invoking The Abysmal Night" or stand the songs just for themselves?

DsI: Basically the common and combining factor is the theme of 'Night', which is the case and base for four of the songs. How those songs are related to a nightly thematic varies of course a bit. For example the 'Night' in the title of the album can also be taken as a synonym for Satan. But despite all this, all songs in their core are individual parts of their own.

Musically the album is pretty diverse. In my review I stated that there is a homage to Darkthrone ('Temple Of Ardent Worship') but if you listen carefully you will also find other influences, also some punk. What would you say were the biggest influences for you during the songwriting?

LT: Nice catch with the Darkthrone tribute. Can't name the biggest influences musically since the selection is so vast. On the album there's influences drawn from black metal all around the world, from movie soundtracks and from blues for example. But the key element of the influences is that they must have soul and feeling involved. It doesn't matter what the genre is. That is one thing that knows no boundaries.

Since the "Carnal Temples" EP you are signed by Osmose Productions. How did this collaboration come to fruition and are you content with the work they do?

DsI: After In Manus Satanas our contract with the previous label expired. There were things we weren't satisfied with, so a change was needed. Osmose Productions was one of the options that came to mind, so we made a contact and here we are. As being one of the most well known labels there is regarding this type of music, our collaboration feels very good and natural. Zero complaints there. Osmose has housed numerous good bands and released tons of good albums throughout the years. Being a part of their roster is an honor.

The Finnish black metal scene is pretty strong. Which bands would you recommend to know if you are into BM apart from you?

LT: Finnish black metal scene is definitely one of the strongest what comes to black metal these days and here's couple not so well known bands for a start: - Cornigr - Circle Of Dawn - Ordinance - Celestial Grave

Now the album is released, are there any plans to promote it live? Maybea tour together with your label mates and countrymen from Impaled Nazarene?

DsI: We did a release celebration show a week after the release date and for this year there's a couple shows confirmed here in Finland. One of them is Steelfest in May. At the end of April we are heading to Switzerland and participating in a fifth edition of Black Hole Fest along with bands like Sargeist and Gorgoroth to name a few. That's all there is at the moment. What happens after is still shrouded in mystery.

Thank you very much for the interview!

LT: Thank you Michael. Ave Satanas.

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