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Review:20May2020CLOTH - Axis Mundi

CLOTH - Axis Mundi

It happened again; the Norwegians have made an incredible black metal album. Cloth is a Christian band and Christian metal is...

Review:17May2020CLAIRVOYANCE - Demo


Had to take a long close look at where this was coming from cause had I left it up to my instincts, either Finland or The United...

Review:17May2020EVOKER - Evil Torment

EVOKER - Evil Torment

Death metal from Australia? why not?, never really been let down by the kangaroo safe haven and snake sanctuary so it’s no wonder...

Review:15May2020NÔIDVA - Windseller

NÔIDVA - Windseller

I was not expecting much from newly formed Nôidva at first glance, but reading just enough about them and better yet, coming to...

Review:14May2020HORN - Mohngang

HORN - Mohngang

After hearing the new Árstíðir Lífsins and Kawir albums of 2020, selecting a better of the two was far too much of a challenging...