Honour Valour Pride United KingdomCountry Of Origin: United Kingdom
Bolt Thrower - Honour Valour Pride

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Contact - Wait Out
Inside The Wire
Suspect Hostile
7th Offensive
A Hollow Truce

Release Date: 2001
Label: Metal Blade Records
Categories: Death

MetalBite Review by Krys on 12/21/2001
A few seconds of a warning alert, the sound of flying bombers, the shrill noise of dropped bombs and the thunder of explosions: you have one minute to get the hell out of here. Too late, the signature monstrous guitar riffs of Baz Thomson and Gavin Ward, destructive rhythm section and new vocalist Dave Ingram’s (ex-Benediction) powerful growls are already rolling over your house, leaving ashes and the smell of burnt corpses.

There are bands who change their style with almost every album and there are bands like Benediction or Bolt Thrower that stick to their roots and with each release give us exactly what we want and expect. Saying that, if you’re looking for music experiments you can skip this review right now because there are none on this album and thank god. I just can’t see my favorite war-machine, Bolt Thrower, with violins or keyboards on board or at least not under that name.

I simply don’t have any other words other than ‘riff masters’ to illustrate an unparalleled work of guitar wielding by Baz and Gavin. Each song is filled with memorable structures; tracks like ‘Inside the Wire’ or ‘K-Machine’ will throw you out from your comfy chair or couch and force you to bend your knees and flash the horns whether you want to or not. “Honour Value Pride” is a 45 min. non-stop headbanger to a slow moving bulldozer that is destroying everything in its path and this is exactly how mid-paced death metal was meant to be played.

What holds this disk from being a 10 point masterpiece are few moments on tracks like ‘Honour’, ‘Suspect Hostile’ or ‘A Hollow Truce’ that feel like our machine runs low on gas and doesn’t have enough power to move forward, just a bit too slow for my taste. But those are just minor flaws that dwindle with the rest of this outstanding material that was fantastically produced by Andy Faulkner who did a remarkable job on making sure that each guitar stroke would leave a lasting impression.

Bottom Line: “Honour Value Pride” is one more battle won by Bolt Thrower. The lack of this CD in your collection will look like a hole of the size of the crater after the explosion of a 10-megaton bomb.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 10
Atmosphere: 9
Production: 10
Originality: 8
Overall: 9

Rating: 9.2 out of 10