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Enslaved - E

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Storm Son Sound
The River's Mouth Sound
Sacred Horse
Axis Of The Worlds
Feathers Of Eolh
What Else Is There? (RŲyksopp Cover)

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 13th, 2017
Label: Nuclear Blast
Categories: Black, Progressive

MetalBite Review by Adam M on 1/4/2018 4:29:06 PM

Enslaved comes back with an album that doesnít quite do them justice yet again. This is the second time in a row for a band I used to love circa Axioma Ethica Odini. Now thereís nothing really wrong with E and it has perhaps one of their best songs ever on it, but it fails to move me the way some of their previous progressive albums have. It must be pointed out that Storm Son is amongst the finest songs that Enslaved have ever penned and a true epic. Outside of this track, there isnít really anything to be terribly excited about, however.††

It seems the magic has worn off and there isnít that peculiar special item to draw the listener to the band anymore. This results in songs that are more generic sounding than they used to be. There is still a variety of interesting riffing used, but it doesnít make as much of an impact as albums like Axioma Ethica Odini, Below the Lights or Isa. The band seems to have peaked earlier on and produced their best progressive music and now they are just a shadow of their former selves. They still beat out a lot of bands of the style, but donít have that standout aspect anymore that makes them one of a kind and the best at what they do. The only way to improve is to progress and it looks like Enlsaved is past the point where they progress and simply putting out music that doesnít stand out as much.

Still, Storm Son remains a favorite and one that Iíll play numerous times because it goes through a number of shifts and dynamic changes. There simply isnít anything else on this album that captures my attention to the extent of this song and this is unfortunate. This is still a solid album, but the band has done far better in the past.

Rating: 7.6 out of 10