Death Metal Drunks CroatiaCountry Of Origin: Croatia
Hereza - Death Metal Drunks

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Back From The Grave Sound
Kopam Oči, Režem Jezik, Prste, Nos I Uši
Death Metal Drunks
Rak N'Roll
Do Kosti Bez Milosti
Beneath The Wheels Of Death
Necrobitch, Cowgirl From The Morgue
Stupid Spoiled Whore

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 6th, 2019
Label: Godz Ov War Productions
Categories: Death'n'Roll

MetalBite Review by Alex on 5/14/2019 7:15:05 PM

Sleazy, drunken thrashing/speedy/punky death metal is what these nomads under the moniker Hereza bring to the masses from their Croatian whereabouts. Death Metal Drunks is the band’s third bottle of liquor after having 2 prior episodes that seem to have sat nicely. Though I haven’t heard them, I’m betting it’s along the lines of what’s disgorged here.  

For me I can’t really take the entire record seriously as some of the songs are mostly a spewing of ludicrousness.  Definitely not meant for the sensitive, you'll need some sense of humor to get through and find enjoyment out of Death Metal Drunks, as the lyrics are precisely what you would expect to hear some crazy alcoholics sing about amusingly. However, there are songs like “Rak n' Roll” and “Kopam Oči, Režem Jezik, Prste, Nos I Uši” that have a lingering breath of seriousness. Some mythological spice is thrown into the lyrical concept also as heard on “Dullahan” and “Back to the Grave”. In short Death Metal Drunks is a mixed mug of humorous and dark themes amongst other things. 

The instrumentation drifts towards the punk thrash and speed-metal sides of the gamut; though death metal is present, its challenged heavily by other genres many times to the point of almost being wiped from the record. You can hear it being manifested on “Back to the Grave” and other entries but to a very low effect. The music is death metal oriented where the vocals are concerned, but the drumming and riffing paint an early 2000’s thrashing scenery. “Kopam Oči, Režem Jezik, Prste, Nos I Uši” shows off some Croatian black metal riffing that alters the atmospheric presence of the record and keeps things interesting. 

As a testament to the outlandish, assailant and careless nature covered, songs such as “Genocid”, and the self-titled “Death Metal Drunks”, show just how much these guys care about your feelings, with the lyrics being both cryptic and candid at times, it’s really a cluster of subliminals and crystal-clear morbidity. 

I’m very surprised this was released on Godz ov War Productions as they’re known for publishing dark and threatening music; however, everyone deserves to have some fun every now and then. And that perhaps is the best word to describe this record; ‘fun’, it is filled with humor and lots of degrading lyrics for all kinds of people, down to the misogynistic as heard on “Stupid Spoiled Whore”, that has an ending reminiscent of Slipknot’s “Eeyore”. 

The timing on Death Metal Drunks is right for this kind of record; not something you would want to hear 38 minutes of. Starts and meets an end as quick as being spat on with disdain and fury, Hereza has composed 10 songs that bring both fictitious and realistic, yet humorous and provocative themes. As far as replay-value goes, Death Metal Drunks is worth a listen, maybe 2 depending on your preference in metal; but these songs guarantee you’ll get a full can of depravity.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10