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Evoken - A Caress Of The Void

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A Caress Of The Void
Mare Erythraeum
Of Purest Absolution
Astray In Eternal Night
Descend The Lifeless Womb
Suffer A Martyr's Trial (Procession At Dusk)

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2007
Label: I Hate Records
Categories: Death, Doom

MetalBite Review by Emma on 5/21/2009
We all have those days: the food has no taste, your muscles have become sandbags, and you feel no need to wear that raincoat out despite the freezing downpour. These are the times and emotions that call for something extra, when this level of misery needs an equally miserable companion. This is where the Funeral Doom outfit Evoken comes in.

Wellbutrin-poppers beware; their sound is here to crush your soulís vessel. "A Caress Of The Void" is a solid album that successfully feeds on the depression and bleak outlooks of its listeners. Not all the tracks sound the same, the writing is well done, even the psychedelic is dabbled within ĎMare Erythraeum.í Melodic is not a word I would use to describe Evokenís latest, nor would I use the word unique. For all the great qualities it has, this album has been done before, at an even slower pace, with even longer track times. But thatís fine if youíre ready to switch out the Esoteric without switching out the mood. There is just that little something missing to really make "A Caress Of The Void" stand out.

Despite that, I suggest ĎA Caress Of The Voidí for it really is an enjoyable (of sorts) listen. This is for fans of Thergothon, Mournful Congregation, Skepticism, Catacombs.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship- 5.0
Atmosphere- 8.5
Originality- 4.0
Production- 6.0
Overall- 8

Ratong: 5 out of 10