Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan AustriaCountry Of Origin: Austria
Abigor - Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan

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Dawn Of Human Dust
Pandemonic Revelation
Equilibrium Pass By
Wildfire And Desire
Utopia Consumed
Demon's Vortex
Towards Beyond
Pandora's Miasmic Breath

Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1999
Label: Napalm Records
Categories: Black

MetalBite Review by Luka on 8/4/2001
Abigorís style is indeed one that takes getting used to. The multiple layers of tinny guitars over weak bass and just about the most complex drumming Iíve ever heard in my life got mixed reactions from me at first listen. At first impression, this was total chaos, sure a heavy, chugging riff or two could get distinguished but majority of it was complex, trilled guitarwork that doesnít qualify as either lead or riff.

The drummer knows what heís doing, for sure. The drums are so complex itís unbelievable, I canít help but think that he does all the tracks right in the studio as improvisation, and then they just record his best try. Abigor donít play live so they can pretty much make their music as complex and difficult as they want. Record it once in the studio and you donít have to worry about it anymore. Even for improv., the drummer shows immense talent, and he knows how to get your head bobbing. After a minute of hyper speed blast-beats you kind of get lost in the confusion, and only then does he slow down and deliver a nice, pounding beat under heavy, crunchy guitars.

Abigorís studio and production has definitely improved this time. They seemed to have had enough time to get everything done right. Three guitar layers donít leave any holes in the music and actually create a natural wall of sound, which means that ear damage -will- result if played too loud on earphones. Thereís plenty of sound effects and synths here, but only on the introís or outroís, since they donít want to start getting blamed for using sound effects to create feeling in their songs.

This is my prime example of extreme music. Itís black metal pushed to itís absolute peak of complexity. The last song, 'Pandoraís Miasmic Breath' is definitely the best. Catchiest drumwork (especially in the outro!), heaviest guitars. Just awesome, but the songs in the middle get a little boring to sit through and donít offer much innovation, just the absolute complexity and inaccessibility that may one day be fully explored and understood by someone.

Bottom Line: Dark, obscure, cryptic, complex music that will be understood and appreciated by only a few.

Ratting: 7 out of 10