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A Fine Day To Exit

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

A Fine Day To Exit
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Avant-Garde, Doom, Emo, Gothic, Progressive, Rock
2. Release
3. Looking Outside Inside
4. Leave No Trace
5. Underworld
6. Barriers
7. Panic
8. A Fine Day To Exit
9. Temporary Peace

Review by Krys on September 6, 2001.

So this day finally come... Anathema left their metal past behind. Of course this shouldn’t be a huge surprise for anyone that followed these Brits’ career. Although “Alternative 4” or “Judgement” had some sparks of their metal past, their new album, as the title would indicate, doesn’t leave any doubts in what direction they want to go.

If piano, classical guitar and beautiful clean vocals aren’t evil enough for you forget this album exists.
‘Pressure’, my pick as an instant classic, opens this masterpiece with its subtle use of instruments, remarkable melody and the delicate yet powerful voice of Vincent Cavanagh. The chorus lyric lines “I don’t care where you go, you won’t get away from me” will hold true because even if you try you won’t be able to forget it for weeks. ‘Release’, compared to the piano driven ‘Pressure’, lays on a classic guitar riff and outstanding soft blues solo whereas ‘Looking Outside Inside’ surprises us with all those elements but is given a psychedelic touch.

There is not a single track that can remind me of something I’ve heard before. Each of them is so unique and full of music that one song feels like a journey through the world of notes and the whole album might even overwhelm the first time listener with its genius. I don’t think there is another band that is in the same class right now and I don’t think I have enough words to describe it. Let the music speak for itself.

Anathema is a future hard rock hall-of-famer and “A Fine Day to Exit” is just a beginning in their quest... and that’s a scary thought. Why not 10 then? Simple, I don’t want to change the scale with their next release.

Bottom Line: Without disrespecting anyone, Anathema’s “A Fine Day to Exit” is for people who understand music, not just listen to it.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10