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Genre: Atmospheric, Rock

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

The Optimist The Optimist Full-Length 2017
Distant Satellites Distant Satellites Full-Length 2014
Weather Systems Weather Systems Full-Length 2012
Falling Deeper Falling Deeper Full-Length 2011
We We're Here Because We're Here Full-Length 2010
Flying / Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected) Flying / Unchained (Tales of the Unexpected) Single 2008
Hindsight Hindsight Full-Length 2008
A Moment In Time A Moment In Time DVD 2006
A Natural Disaster A Natural Disaster Full-Length 2004
Were You There? Were You There? DVD 2004
A Vision Of A Dying Embrace A Vision Of A Dying Embrace DVD 2002
Resonance 2 Resonance 2 Compilation 2002
A Fine Day To Exit A Fine Day To Exit Full-Length 2001
Resonance Resonance Compilation 2001
Judgement Judgement Full-Length 2000
Alternative 4 Alternative 4 Full-Length 1998
Eternity Eternity Full-Length 1996
Pentecost III Pentecost III EP 1995
The Silent Enigma The Silent Enigma Full-Length 1995
Serenades Serenades Full-Length 1993
The Crestfallen The Crestfallen EP 1992