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The Immortality Murder

United States Country of Origin: United States

The Immortality Murder
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2002
Genre: Black, Progressive
1. Part I : Absence/Contorted Porcelain-Faced Bitch
2. Part II : Childless One.../The Body As Sulphur Stench
3. Part III : Matriarch
4. Part IV : Her Iniquity Uncovered/The Eastern Trinity Unexplained
5. Virus (The Theft Of Knowledge)
6. Companionship And Philosophical Fire (The Third)
7. Bedevilment And Bewilderment (Reality Greets The Moral Whore)
8. The Next Step (For The Sake Of The Greater Whole)
9. Replacement…
10. The Next Step (For The Sake Of The Greater Whole)
11. Nothing Is For, Or About You…
12. Part I : Absence/Contorted Porcelain-Faced Bitch
13. As If I Were Beautiful…
14. Part II : Childless One.../The Body As Sulphur Stench
15. And Yet We Were Dead…
16. Part III : Matriarch
17. How Familiar I Am…
18. A Riddle…
19. Part IV : Her Iniquity Uncovered/The Eastern Trinity Unexplained
20. Additions

Review by Krys on December 17, 2001.

Although “The Immortality Murder” is Scholomance’s second album, it marks the very first time that I’ve even heard their name. Most probably there are two main reason’s for it; for one, I’m not the biggest black metal fan (which means I’m not dying to get everything what’s out there, but I know my way around) and secondly, black metal and the US didn’t mix very well so domestic releases from this genre couldn’t find their way to my player very easily and even if they did, they wouldn’t last there for long, till now.

Hailing from Willard, Missouri, this trio has everything that’s required to make it to the top and I mean it. In an attempt to illustrate Scholomance’s musicianship, I’m jeopardizing myself with serious finger injuries trying to type the words that will describe their talents and skills. What they do with their instruments, including vocals is just insane. If they spent more than a few seconds on one tone on the entire album, then I wasn’t able to notice it. After a full listening the only word I could muster was “WOW!” followed by a long period of silence wondering what the hell just happened. Whatever definition of the word complex you might have, Scholomance simply redefines its meaning.

But it doesn’t take three virtuosos to create great music and that’s what set Scholomance apart from most of its peers. At first the chaos of riffs, solos and effects can overwhelm and cause a serious headache, but with each spin it makes more sense and falls into logical pieces. The only track that might take exception to that statement is ‘Absence/ Contorted Porcelain Faced-Bitch’, which caused so much damage that to this day I’m still unable to recover my nervous system after an 8 minute dose of their psychedelics. So, don’t expect to love this album after the first spin, unless you are already riding on heavy drugs... which brings me to my biggest problem with “The Immortality Murder”. As much as I love it right now, it wasn’t the case when we met for the first time and some of my friends still look at me with an ironic smile when I blast my speakers inhaling those psychedelic notes. This album might just be a little bit too much for a casual listener who just wants his ass kicked on the way to work or school.

Production-wise there is not much to complain about either. Although it’s more of a personal taste issue, at times the drums could use more bottom rather then sounding so much like a machine and a couple times a little backed up vocals would satisfy my cravings.

Bottom Line: The best black metal doesn’t only come from Norway anymore. If you’ve been searching for a mix of Emperor and Arcturus, look no further.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Originality: 9
Musicianship: 10
Atmosphere: 8
Production: 8
Overall: 9

Rating: 8.8 out of 10