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Superior Massacre

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. Intro
2. Domain Of The Superior
3. Detain The Skin
4. Trapped In Torment
5. Indisposable Deaths
6. Over The Gore
7. Blood Ejaculation
8. Utter Human Murder
9. Bleeding Wrists
10. Outro

Review by Krys on September 26, 2002.

From the land dominated by black metal here comes the mighty Myrkskog proving that death metal is not only alive and kicking in cold northern shores of Norway, but at its supreme best. After a wait of nearly 3 years the trio comes back with their outstanding sophomore outing; “Superior Massacre” and while it seemed like a very long time it was damn well worth the wait.

Almost every aspect of this disc is nothing short of a masterpiece and if originality is not on top of your priority list “Superior Massacre” will rock your world and provide a mammoth dose of a skull slapping assault to your ordinary life. I’m not saying that those guys are the copy of what’s already out there, cause they are not, but while “Superior Massacre” is a perfectly executed death metal you can’t call it a breakthrough release that can change the shape of the genre. But who cares? I don’t.

Destructhor and Co. must have been pissed off to their limits while recording this disc cause it just radiates with anger, brutality and disgust. Supersonically fast but varied compositions are full of tempo changes and diverse characters. While most of the time blasting through each song, the Myrkskog trio know exactly when to hit a different note or break into a slower passage. Each member is a profound technical wizard and throws everything from its respective arsenal to make your jaw drop to your balls and wonder if metal musicians are not the best in the music industry to begin with. From wrist breaking riffs and solos, thunderous bass and inhumanly complex drums “Superior Massacre” is as close to being perfect as it gets. To top off the musical perfection add crispy clean production and Myrkskog makes sure that each note hits every part of your brain causing sonic damage to each cell. Definitely one of the best death metal releases of the year. On the side note, I felt in love with “Superior Massacre” after a night of heavy drinking and huge next day headache; imagine what it can do to you on a sober day.

Bottom Line: Do I have to say that “Superior Massacre” is a must for any fan of brutal death metal? Didn’t think so. Don’t call yourself one without it in your collection.

Categorical Rating Breakdown

Musicianship: 10
Atmosphere: 10
Production: 10
Originality: 7
Overall: 10

Rating: 9.4 out of 10