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Tears Of The Ages

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

Tears Of The Ages
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: October 1st, 2015
Label: Independent
Genre: Heavy, Power

Review by Arek on March 7, 2016.

City of Białystok, earlier renowned for the death-grind aces Dead Infection and Incarnated, lately added power-heavy metal band Divine Weep to its musical backyard. This quintet’s musical roots reach back to 1995, and they have two albums in their catalogue - including this one. This is the first full length, which, thanks to collaboration with the Californian-Stormspell Records will also be available on both sides of Atlantic. The album consists of 10 compositions lasting less than 50 minutes. Wiesławski Brothers took care of quality and richness of sound and the graphics were taken care of by a well known Piotr ‘Szafa’ Szafraniec (Lost Soul etc.). These names alone indicate band’s professional approach and I have to add that musically it is not too bad either. There’s this energy and heavy metal claw. There’s sound that brushed against the one of thrash metal and vocalist that finally got freed away from his musical Iron Maiden sounding ties.

'Fading Glow' opens up the album with double base pleasantly pacing away. Heavy metal harmonies, not half bad guitar solo at the end – this is shaping up really well. Next -'The Mentor' with interesting slow section in the second part of the song. Some mysterious whispers to the sound of classical guitar break narrative energy and add to the atmosphere. My head starts to move. In the middle of the 'Day Of Revenge' there’s another interesting guitar solo, and later on Maiden-ish theme. The final riffs coincided with my tastes showing the more brutal past of the band. 'Last Breath' starts with a bass prelude resembling of heavy metal ballads. Wrong! It is the most varied piece with rhythm tweaks, tempo changes and bass guitar clangs spicing up the whole thing. 'Petrified Souls' let’s you know right from the beginning that it won’t be slow. It fires up but then? Another slow section surprise but this time it’s really something!! This is a must listen! 'Imperious Blade' also has an attractive start. Its accents will resonate even at the end of the song. 'Never Ending Path' is the weakest link of this disc I think, although very much alive ending of the song doesn’t allow this song to be crossed off. That one will surely find its supporters also. The title song 'Tears Of The Ages' is enhanced with a solo by Wojciech Hofmann (Turbo); however, that is not the only advantage of this track. Thanks to its diversity and unconventional playing style it deserves recognition in my opinion. Bonus tracks: 'Age Of The Immortal' in 2014 version and 'Łzy Wieków' sang in Polish close out this CD.

Tears Of The Ages is a solid album. I will keep my fingers crossed for them, because in my opinion they created an album that can awake this whole heavy metal apathy. It’s kind of delicate flick in the nose of the slightly dusty heavy-power-stars from the Western Europe. What concerns me however is the news of vacancy in the position of lead singer. Igor made a lot of progress and from a copy of Iron Maiden he transformed into a first class heavy metal vocalist. Will they find a worthy successor? We need to wait for an answer to that one.

Rating: 8 out of 10