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Nightmare Logic

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Nightmare Logic

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: February 24th, 2017
Genre: Modern, Thrash

Review by Adam M on March 21, 2017.

Power Trip performs a relatively powerful form of thrash metal.  They bring the raw caustic riffs to rival the best of Kreator.  This style is somewhat one dimensional and brings a more hardcore vibe to the mix.  However, this isn’t completely what Power Trip delves in, but only partially.  There is a smoother sound to the riffs here if one looks beneath the surface.  The entirety of the album adds up to some fairly compelling thrash for the masses.  The rough aspects of the band are on top of the music and bring about a headbanging nature.  They also make for the most prominent portion of the mix that is stronger on the surface. 

There is a tough aspect to the band that makes them sort of more similar to Slayer at times.  This can be seen from the guitar riffs in particularly.  Instrumentally, the album is very solid.  The evil guitar riffs lead the way in fine fashion.  Under that is a drum job that nicely complements the music.  Add in the occasional solo and one can detect a lot from the instruments.  They make the songs glide by at a quick rate.  The problem with this album is that it sounds a little bit generic.  There are plenty of nice guitar riffs, but they start to sound much the same after a while.  This detracts slightly from the album and prevents it from being outstanding.  There is still enough fantastic riff work to occupy a large portion of your time to be found here.  

There is lots of energy and passion to be found in these songs and it sticks out to the listener.  Fans of the thrash genre should find something to like with Nightmare Logic.  It will make your very greatest dreams come true in fine fashion. 

Rating: 7.3 out of 10