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The Sirens

Canada Country of Origin: Canada

The Sirens
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: August 3rd, 2018
Label: Independent
Genre: Death, Melodic, Progressive
1. The Sirens
3. Sandstorm
4. This Frozen Hell
5. Nowhere Near
6. Devoured By Sarcopenia
7. Fukushima
8. The Scattering Of Ashes

Review by Adam M on November 14, 2018.

Into Eternity brings melody and aggression to the forefront on their new album The Sirens.  The album is a difficult one to categorize because it brings several elements to the table.  There is definitely a progressive slant to the proceedings as the songs undergo winding structures.  Fringes of Psychosis shows off some cool guitar work, but within the framework of a melodic structure, which is really cool.  Similarly, other songs vary in structure and are hard to pinpoint.  What is clear is that the band is able to mix complex structures with more melodic ones to form a varied and interesting platter.

The complex sections aren’t really so much like Dream Theater as a one of a kind style created by the band.  Also, the melodic death sections aren’t the same as At the Gates even though they are melodic.  The result is a concoction created by the band that is unique and fresh and makes its impact felt strongly.  The musical performances are all worthy of attention.  Guitars are creative, yet melodic at different junctures.  Solos are intense and thoughtful.  The drumming is nimble and matches the songs nicely.  Vocally, Amanda Kiernan in particular made an impact on me and fit nicely into the progressive space the band occupies.  I was at times reminded of Fates Warning on this album although the music is very far from similar to them. 

The uniqueness of the band is balanced with the charisma to create something that is very special indeed.  I find the music a little underwhelming and the production could be punchier, but these are just small flaws.  Overall, this is a fun and diverse offering that has a little bit of something for any metal fan.  It thus gets a strong enough recommendation.  Whether the band is melodic death metal or progressive metal is up for you to decide.

Rating: 7.8 out of 10