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Blood Offerings

United States Country of Origin: United States

1. The Blade
2. Rather Be Dead
3. Shadows And Light
4. Blood Offerings
6. Beneath
7. Breathing Machine
8. Layers Of Darkness

Review by Death8699 on September 25, 2018.

Uncompromising death metal vibe here from a band that's from the Bay Area (Oakland, CA). These guys know how to write some heavy stuff and on purpose. The hate just flows and the energy of the album is pretty high with some serious in your face death metal that's well played-out. I got into this album right away.

The vocals go well with the music and it's not screaming or growling, it's low-end with a tinge a bit like what's featured on the new Exhumed (vocal-wise). It blends perfectly into the guitars and production sound with mixing done excellently on here. I liked all of the songs and I thought that they are really innovative and catchy. The music is fast-paced and without any let-up. It's so good that you can just hit "repeat" and play it for bouts of hours on end. They take their influences and make them their own and it's the music that's the most captivating feature of this release. The vocals just augment these heavy guitars. I would classify them as being overly-brutal music-wise, I'd say this is about an average intensity if I were to compare them to other death metal acts.The leads were well played out as well. They have a tinge of melodic bits here, but mostly it's in your face death metal. The mixing, the production and the sound reigned supreme too, doing the album justice in its own right. A lot of death metal bands lack that in their albums I think, it's finding the right sound that's going to make the album successful. This one hit home with me. I enjoyed it immensely. I thought that all the riffs were up to par and the voice behind the music was really good as well. It just keeps the music underground.

If you're a death metal fan and are tired of the way that death metal bands are kind of slacking in the creativity department, get this album. These guys are relatively new to the scene so show some support. It's one of those albums that catches your attention and keeps you interested. I hope that this review is enough for you to check it out!

Rating: 9 out of 10