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Auric Gates Of Veles

Poland Country of Origin: Poland

2. Triskhelion
3. The Volga's Veins
5. Path To Arkhen
6. Auric Gates Of Veles
7. Salve Ignis
8. Generation Sulphur
9. In The Shrine Of Veles (Pre-Production)
10. Path To Arkhen (Pre-Production)

Review by Maciek on June 22, 2019.

I have to admit that it wasn't easy to start writing this review. This album starts almost immediately, and the first immediate thought is that yes, it is a continuation of story started on Tremendum. Recognizable riffs, recognizable drumming, it all makes sense. And just like some albums require to be listened in whole, these two albums listened in a row also make one whole story. So, if you like Hate's latest style, this should be a feast for your ears. 

And how does this album sound like? I think that it definitely has more black metal elements than the previous one. And obviously those black metal riffs are accompanied by technically perfect and precise drumming by Pavulon. He and ATF are both full-time composers in Hate now, so you can enjoy ideas coming from both that make it a brilliant mixture of death and black metal. Adam's growls remain deep and still clear enough to be able to catch quite large part of lyrics. 

When it comes to black metal elements - there are two of them. One is the fast-paced chords, with the stylish mixture of old Satyricon and a bit of Dark Funeral. The other type of black metal riffs are the type of the more modern face of Satyricon, at least the type of ending to "Tied in Bronze Chains" or the very beginning of "Angstridden". And they sound really good and I think these are my favourite moments on this album. So obviously "Sovereign Sanctity" is my favourite track. You can watch the official video and check it out, it's really worth it. 

Unfortunately to me this album has one huge "but". It didn't grab me. I admire Adam's ability to make a change to his style and then continue recording in the same style two albums in a row. It is definitely recognizable Hate style now, when I hear these riffs I won't mistake them for any other band. Technically this album is flawless. Riffs are sharp, fast, precise and show quite big variety. As I mentioned before - drumming is perfect. Vocals are also recognizable and are the type of growling that I like. But I think I was hoping for some kind of turn to the atmosphere of Solarflesh or maybe even with some elements from Anaclasis or Morphosis. Those ambient sounds that I always liked so much are almost non-existent here. 

I know that my personal view is affecting my final score and I understand if somebody gives it 10/10. I think these melody lines haven't managed to fall into my memory, apart from "Sovereign Sanctity" mentioned above. This track is going straight to my favorites. Oh, one last comment - there are no Polish lyrics here, and I kind of liked those few phrases on Tremendum (track "Walk Through Fire"). And actually, some riffs on "Sovereign Sanctity" remind me of that track. 

Rating: 8 out of 10