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Black Celebration

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Black Celebration
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Type: Single
Release Date: June 22nd, 2019
Label: Independent
Genre: Black, Thrash
1. Black Celebration (Congratulation From Satan)
2. Primordial Obscurity

Review by Felix on July 9, 2019.

Three decades of Desaster is a long period and what is better than a great band with the necessary portion of stamina? Two exclusive tracks form the musical content of the newest release of the German re-vitalizers of black thrash. The title track is accompanied by "Primordial Obscurity" and this song is really good, a typical black thrash hammer the band is famous for. Yet there is a little thing that slightly mars the joy of listening. Its melody lines lie in close proximity to those of the fantastic "Tyrants of the Netherworld", if my ears don't play a trick one me. I wonder that nobody realized this. Okay, their new drummer is maybe not familiar with all of their classics so far, but what about Infernal Kuschke and his deaf comrades?

Well, let's leave this astonishing detail aside and have a look at the A side of the vinyl. Desaster show impressively that they still burst of energy and Hont, the (short-haired!) man behind the drum kit, provides evidence that he is in no way inferior to Tormentor aka Husky, the dude whose new boss is called Angelripper. Hont's rabid drumming supports a great riff of Kuschke and the dark barking of Sataniac at the beginning makes clear that the band is not willing to change even an iota of its style. Good decision! Kuschke probably appreciates the old Protector albums very much, just listen to his screaming guitar in the solo part. It does not sound the retreat, it sounds the alarm. In short, the mix of ultra-fast double bass sequences and very dense, mid-paced parts forms a piece that can do anything but disappointing a supporter of Desaster. It's not just a typical, but also a fanatic and hellish song that explains the listener the fascination of black thrash in a matter of minutes. The band encapsulates "30 years of Teutonic blasphemies" in less than three and a half minutes and that's simply great.

The nagging and growling of Sataniac is put in the right light, albeit the production does not score with transparency. It seems as if the singles of the group always want to transport five percent more underground vibes than their full-lengths. Speaking of their albums, their names show up nearly chronologically in the lyrics of the title track and this approach leaves no doubt: Desaster celebrate themselves - and they do it for very good reason. Let's see what the three coming decades will bring. I am curious.

Rating: 8.2 out of 10