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Genre: Black, Thrash

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Churches Without Saints Churches Without Saints Full-Length 2021
Decayed / Desaster Decayed / Desaster Split 2020
Black Celebration Black Celebration Single 2019
The Oath Of An Iron Ritual The Oath Of An Iron Ritual Full-Length 2016
The Arts Of Destruction The Arts Of Destruction Full-Length 2012
666 - Satan 666 - Satan's Soldiers Syndicate Full-Length 2007
Infernal Voices Infernal Voices EP 2006
Angelwhore Angelwhore Full-Length 2005
Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies Brazilian Blitzkrieg Blasphemies Live 2004
Divine Blasphemies Divine Blasphemies Full-Length 2002
Tyrants Of The Netherworld Tyrants Of The Netherworld Full-Length 2000
Hellfire Hellfire's Dominion Full-Length 1998
Stormbringer Stormbringer EP 1998
A Touch Of Medieval Darkness A Touch Of Medieval Darkness Full-Length 1996