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Sob O Feitiço Do Necrobode

Portugal Country of Origin: Portugal

1. Tumba Universal
2. Santo Santuário Do Ódio
4. Algol
5. Culto Da Intolerância
6. Penetração Diabólica
7. Possuido
8. Sangue Da Virgem
9. Capela Heretica
10. Liturgica Profanação

Review by Alex on January 22, 2020.

Another reason to get yourself some huge fucking speakers and powerful amps, Necrobode assault the scene again, this time with their full-length Sob O Feitiço Do Necrobode (Under the Necrobode Spell). Get ready for black/death metal that'll tear the skin from your face, if their 2018 demo was not enough to fulfill your desecrated appetite then chew on this barbed wire bat. Their demo was already an impressive feat considering they gave us original tracks that could have easily passed as a full length, I'm surprised it was never released on vinyl. But to re-enter the dungeon and work up a more violent yet musically superior incantation speaks of the dedication members involved with this Portuguese affiliation have. I usually don't like attending concerts/gigs but I would not mind seeing a live performance of this material by Necrobode.

Unlike the populace of black/death metal Necrobode don't rely on blistering fast blast beats and carnivorous vocals, rather their strength lies within an addicting groove they spit out via some mean fucking riffs and catchy drumming. The vocalist has a commanding tone to his growl, it's not entirely of death nor black metal, its closer to sounding as through a cyborg is growling through a clogged pipe or something of the sort. Its distinctive in comparison to the traditional bark/snarl/growl, you'd easily identify them when heard, and with added reverberating effect, that inhuman factor is amplified. This combined with their trademark method of playing gives them an edge over other bands in this style of black/death metal. A much needed and valuable facet to have considering how populated the scene has become following 89, some bands good, most bands shit.

As stated the music itself has grown to towering heights above their 2018 demo, the primary formula is the same as before and some may even argue that some songs are far too identical to each other. While that may be true to some extent, be minded scrutinizing the riffs, the main discernible characteristic giving each entry its own identity. I think Necrobode quickly realized what it was that garnered them such massive support and decided to keep that critical element apart of their music. But simultaneously, made certain not to saturate their songs with one consistent tempo, instead taking some steps away from their tried n' true methodology by including diverse but memorable patterns through the use of catchy drum fills as heard on the addicting 'Penetração Diabólica'. 'Tumba Universal' and 'Santo Santuário Do Ódio'. They carry similar pacing but feature different instrumental keys as can also be heard on 'Satanás Governa' and 'Culto Da Intolerância', similar tempo, different riffs.

The tunes on here are all great, the licks have much to do with that. You won't find one lazy combination of strings, offensive as a swarm of locust, the string work on here stings mercilessly. Meanwhile, governed by a bassy production, the songs resonate in your consciousness highly favoring repeated listens. My only gripe with Necrobode's debut demo was that it ended with 5 minutes or so of a sample that really did nothing beneficial to the album, instead coming across as wasted time. At this juncture, Sob O Feitiço Do Necrobode concludes in similar manner but with less time so as to not cloud the overall pleasure of the record. A timely and impressive follow-up none-the-less, Sob O Feitiço Do Necrobode is the awakening of a new beast in the underground.

Rating: 9.2 out of 10