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Desecration Rite

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

Desecration Rite
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: June 18th, 2021
Genre: Black, Thrash
1. Glorification Of The Dethronation
2. Bloodbound Militia
3. Stillborn Messiah
4. The Vulture Lord
5. Diabolical Intervention
6. Prepare The Coffin
7. Beneficial Martyrdom
8. Burning The Kingdom Of God
9. Perverting The Bible

Review by Michael on May 19, 2021.

The Norwegians of Vulture Lord are finally back. After the album had been announced several times, (but was postponed again and again) the time has come. After the death of their guitarist Trondr Nefas, who was also active with Urgehal, Beastcraft etc., the future of the band was uncertain. The new album Desecration Rite still features singer Sorath Northgrove from the old line-up but all the other musicians have joined in 2019. They also have quite interesting band biographies, including members of Carpathian Forest, Endezzma, Beastcraft and Urgehal who have unfortunately disbanded due to the above-mentioned fact.

Apart from the new line-up, the logo has also changed significantly and the quality of the cover is much higher (but no longer in BM-typical underground style) than that of the last album Profane Prayer. What strikes me directly is that the production has improved remarkably. The sound is much warmer, clearer and no longer as wooden as on the predecessor. Musically it can be said that not too much has changed. If you like the bands mentioned above and also liked Profane Prayer, you won't go wrong with Desecration Rite. Furiously fast Norwegian black metal, which is mixed again and again with cool riffs and catchy parts.

'Bloodbound Militia' starts with a cool Slayer memorial riff before the typical fast BM guitar riffs accompanied by blazing fast drums kick in. 'Vulture Lord' starts with a very catchy thrash riff. The song stays more in the mid-tempo range and is a highlight of the album due to its accessibility. 'Diabolical Intervention' starts with some punky drums, but quickly turns into a fast black metal hate monger. The way drummer Uruz thrashes his instrument can tell you that he must have had a very bad day here. The following tracks are also very catchy and the band takes their foot off the gas pedal again in places. For me some of the song beginnings are a striking reminder of Slayer or Vader songs and only the last song 'Perverting The Bible' is not so convincing in my humble opinion. Although it starts with the typical BM riffs that we know from the band, somewhere in between there are disharmonic guitar sounds and solos that do not really fit in there. On top of that the song seems a bit rushed, as if the band was only allowed to rent the rehearsal room for 6:16 minutes instead of 7:56 and still wanted to put the song on the album.

My conclusion of Desecration Rite is that the band has presented a good comeback album (although they were never really disbanded) that will not disappoint anyone who likes orthodox Norwegian black metal.

Rating: 8.7 out of 10 Vultures