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Face The Madness

Denmark Country of Origin: Denmark

Face The Madness
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: August 13th, 2021
Genre: Thrash
1. Kill Everyone
2. Before Violence Strikes
3. Don't Get Mad, Get Evil
4. See You In Hell
6. Straight Out Of Kattegat
7. One Last Victim
8. 1942
9. Killed In Action

Review by Michael on June 30, 2021.

Danish quartet Killing is releasing their debut album Face The Madness in August and I must say I've been looking forward to it for months now. What these guys offer to the listener is flawless old school thrash in the style of old Slayer, Kreator and Metallica and with that you can usually lure me out from behind the stove. Although there are bands (especially in the thrash metal scene) which in my opinion just sound artificial and generic, it is not the case with the guys from Mitjylland. Killing bring their songs absolutely convincingly and 100% authentic.

Album starts with 'Kill Everyone', a two-minute thumper that reminds me of Slayer right from the start. 'Before Violence Strikes' is a bit more melodic but doesn't lose any of its aggressiveness throughout. Especially the chorus with the gang shouts is mega catchy and makes you instinctively bang along. 'Don't Get Mad, Get Evil' surprises with its groovy nature and the chorus reminds me of "Death, Sex, Ejaculation" by Marduk. This will definitely be a long-running hit live. 'See You In Hell' starts with a Black Sabbath memorial riff, before guys pick up the tempo again and thrash their way through the song in the style of old Kreator (of the "Extreme Aggression" era), but also have surprising breaks up their sleeves again and again. The riffs and the scream of Rasmus - who often sounds like young Mille on the album – are pure madness and if I didn't know the guys, I would think that we are dealing with real Danish psychopaths here. One of my favorite tracks (and a very cool video) is 'Legion Of Hate' which starts with driving drums, nasty guitars and Tom Araya-like memorial scream. The tempo is kept high throughout the song and only during the breaks the foot is briefly taken off the gas pedal. The song is peppered with cool guitar solos, the whole thing is absolutely catchy and has a slight punk attitude. 'Straight Out Of Kattegat' lets the sea monsters of the Baltic Sea awaken and lay the Danish coast in ruins. Again, a very catchy song, which is located in the mid-tempo range. 'One Last Victim' is the song that brings up the ultimate Slayer feeling. Those who like the albums up to "Seasons In The Abyss" will find themselves in their comfort zone here. The gleeful laughter and Rasmus' high-pitched screams are especially casual here. An absolute neckbreaker!!! '1942' is about the resistance against the German occupation in WW2 and impresses with hectic staccato riffs and mega-fast drums. In the middle part, the song becomes a little quieter and groovier, but it remains the forward-driving melody line. With 'Killed In Action' the band creates a slow, dark track that reminds me a time or two of "Seasons In The Abyss" again and later on of old Metallica (especially "Master Of Puppets"). A perfect conclusion of a (at least in my opinion) great debut.

What remains for me to say as a conclusion? I think that we are dealing with a band that possibly has a great future ahead of them. Face The Madness convinces me throughout the whole album and finds its way onto my MP3 player again and again. When the CD is released, it will also find its way into my stereo. Maybe the production could be improved a bit (sometimes it sounds a bit dull), but that's complaining on a high level!!! Who likes and goes for the mentioned influences, will definitely find nothing wrong with Face The Madness. Support the band and check out the album when it comes out!!

Rating: 9.4 out of 10 sea monsters