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Spewing Mephitic Putridity

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

1. Disgorged Chunks Of Life
2. Immense Cerebral Decomposition
3. Reduced To Liquified Mass
4. Disembowelment (Draped In Gore)
5. Premature Entombment
6. Septic Phlegm Asphyxia
7. Amorphous Transmutations
8. Spewing Mephitic Putridity

Review by Alex on February 22, 2022.

And back into the crypt of worms we go with the first full length from, well...... Cryptworm. Supplying us with just a mild whiff of what they had stirring in the underground pits of the UK; the diligent duo of Tibor and Joe apply their most incapacitating touch since the promising Reeking Gunk Of Abhorrence on their latest entry, Spewing Mephitic Putridity. Take primarily everything that hooked you onto Cryptworm and emphasize on it. The addictive lead guitar parts, the head-bobbing rhythms and drums matched by the inhumanly vile and consistent vocals and you get this germ.

33 minutes of ooey, gooey death metal nausea, from mid-paced to doomy to thrashy, this record moves about the terrain with traditional death metal stylistics. Flesh falling to the floor style DM, a cyclonic instrumental attack commencing the decomposition with 'Disgorged Chunks Of Life' and sprinting with sheer venom to the end, leaving a trail of torn entrails and organic fluids. Glad that the guys did not divert from the original recipe instead building upon it where production and instrumental techniques are concerned. A good ear for quality death metal and clear understanding of what the populace of this purified society likes to consume, Cryptworm deliver on their promise, 10/10 worms.

It's like one long song cut into 8 parts given how they barely stray from its elementary, typified Cryptworm death metal dance. Yet still you can find episodes of detour in the opening track 'Disgorged Chunks Of Life' that would decelerate the pace for immersion then kick back into vintage Possessed style thrashing. Candid yet dynamic, Spewing Mephitic Putridity embraces this formula thoroughly and it is evident with tracks such as 'Immense Cerebral Decomposition', 'Disembowelment (Draped In Gore)' and my favorite, 'Septic Phlegm Asphyxia' (listen to that guitar lick). Merged with a running-motor production and style of riffing and sick artwork compliments of one Skaðvaldur, Spewing Mephitic Putridity sounds like a nuisance and looks nauseatingly appealing. Amazingly it seems as if Me Saco Un Ojo will have the vinyl ready March 11th which is the date it comes out on CD as well so that's great to hear provided so many other underground labels have had to publish back the date of their vinyl releases.

What is dwelling in Tibor's stomach?

Rating: 10 out of 10