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Anatomia / Undergang
Undergang / Anatomia

Denmark Country of Origin: Denmark

1. I Dit Stiveste Pus
2. Helt Til Rotterne
3. Taksidermi

Review by Alex on May 9, 2022.

Teaming up once more, the underground tumors of DM being Anatomia and Undergang emerge form whatever lacerated pile of flesh to craft yet another gruesome biological mass. Helped from the uterus of death metal by Me Saco Un Ojo and Dark Descent, this split promises to be one of the best, if not the bestdeath metal split within the tarnished underbelly of this sonic extremity and perversion.

Anatomia comes dripping from the fungus infected cuts, oozing their traditional gargoyle dragging diseased style of death doom metal that just petrifies even the most graduated and initiated. Clearly not intended for the weak and clean, Anatomia deliver filthy monstrous growls and snarls that go well with their slow-burn, scum dripping bass and beat selection. Tonal shifts add diversity to the movement, whilst the guitars lead the way down the sonic sewers. This is Anatomia from back to front, 'Total Darkness' and 'Bound To Death' are very much diabolic in the vein of vintage Anatomia. Would have liked to have a reissue of their 2017 blasphemy, "Cranial Obsession". However this will suffice very nicely provide they still have the touch and aurora of filth hovering above them.

The sickness that is Undergang continue to smear the sonic snot of ages-old death metal across this territory. Delivering 3 works of wickedness, the Danish scum sect excrete upon the masses contaminated portions of decay. Undergang in the spirit and flesh, true to the bone and sole of mundane death metal. Primitive, yet proud as a peacock, their 3 pieces titled in their Danish tongue amplify the nastiness that Anatomia set the stage with. Thrashing moments of carnage meet death doom erected with the foulest intentions manned by an abdomen that has no bottom it seems and supported by the lick of romanticised drumming and guitaring, this is what a true death metal maniac expects whenever the name Undergang is brought up. I'd hate to ruin the experience of this open sore manifestation. Get it!! It is out already.

Puss all over.

Rating: 9.6 out of 10