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Genre: Death, Doom

Japan Country of Origin: Japan

Druid Lord / Anatomia Druid Lord / Anatomia Split 2022
Undergang / Anatomia Undergang / Anatomia Split 2022
Corporeal Torment Corporeal Torment Full-Length 2021
Mausoleum / Anatomia Mausoleum / Anatomia Split 2020
Decomposing Cadavers Decomposing Cadavers Compilation 2020
Abysmal Lives And Decay Abysmal Lives And Decay Live 2018
Cranial Obsession Cranial Obsession Full-Length 2017
Interment / Anatomia Interment / Anatomia Split 2014
Dead Bodies In The Morgue Dead Bodies In The Morgue Compilation 2013
Decaying In Obscurity Decaying In Obscurity Full-Length 2012
Decomposing Serenades Decomposing Serenades Split 2011
Dissected Alive Dissected Alive Live 2009
Shreds Of Putrefaction Shreds Of Putrefaction EP 2009
Dissected Humanity Dissected Humanity Full-Length 2005