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Eden Of The Doomed

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

1. Revelation From The Great Vastness Thereafter
2. Conquest Of The One True Creed
3. Victory In Your Eden Of The Doomed

Review by Michael on May 31, 2022.

German death-doom guys from Abythic are back with a brand new EP called Eden Of The Doomed. After their very ambitious and atmospheric full-length Dominion Of The Wicked from 2021 they have this time chosen a more rotten and foul stinking path to hell.

The first track ‘Revelation From The Great Vastness Thereafter’ starts like the other two tracks with a movie intro and turns into a slimy death-doom monster that creeps into your ear and tries to make you insane. The whispered and grunted vocals spread a lot of hatred and madness and to listen to it is not really joyful. I guess being trapped in a deserted hotel in the mountains during the winter would be the perfect atmosphere for this, wouldn't it my dear? Oh, did I say anything? Let's switch to the next track before something bad happens… With 'Conquest Of The One True Creed' the band increases the speed a little bit and doesn’t sound as sinister as on the previous track. Track is a little bit catchier and not that coarse but nevertheless still absolute hateful death metal without any trends or compromises. The EP closes with ‘Victory In Your Eden Of The Doomed' where the whispering voices suck you into a maelstrom of madness. Slow hypnotic (slight disharmonic) riffs suck out your brain and bring your sanity to the limits.

All the tracks live from the simplistic structure that is enriched with really sick vocals and everyone who loves death-doom metal that stinks of rot and decay (perhaps something similar to Kryps or Undergang (only half that fast) paired with some Winter-riffs) will find their stinking paradise with "Eden Of The Doomed" (literally quite matching, is it not?).

Rating: 8,5 out of 10 rotting maggots