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MB Premiere and Review: ABYTHIC - 'The Call'

Another one of those times where it feels as though you've been left behind and are a late comer to the party. ABYTHIC formed in 2015 and are back with their 3rd cold caress of a death/doom album titled "Dominion of the Wicked". It's only four tracks packing a total of about 35 minutes but it operates like cocaine, taking almost immediate effect after application/ingestion.

"Dominion of the Wicked" feels like the heartless doctrine of some sort of dictator being coerced onto you. Yet all the while amidst it's dreaded anger and dictatorship, therein lies a melancholy that almost sounds like its administering of grave horrors are being committed against its will. Bands that come to mind range from Nightfell, My Dying Bride and Bolt Thrower, to Druid Lord and Sempiternal Dusk. "Dominion of the Wicked" will surely reach out and freeze solid your heart then melt your frostbitten ways with the warm sobbing wails of depression.

The melody of any given track (including premiered today 'The Call') seems to tell a story but leaves enough space for the listener to be cropped into the art to a point where he/she could feel like the music is a representation of thoughts or experiences of that person. Engulf and exploit your emotions!

Full review of ABYTHIC's new album "Dominion of the Wicked" can be found here.

"Dominion of the Wicked", set for international release on February 12th via Iron Bonehead Productions on on CD and vinyl LP formats.


MDB - Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Tim Schlichting - Drums
Ulrich Kreienbrink - Vocals



Entered: 1/12/2021 7:55:40 AM