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MB Premiere: STARGAZER - 'Pilgrimage'

Soft acoustic touches around the corners, a near delicate blues-like rhythm section, a psychedelic groove given the combinative clean singing that would tread solemnly instrumental passages before rerouting to a black/death metal mid paced bludgeoning; would formulate the makeup of 'Pilgrimage'.

STARGAZER delivers just a morsel of what's to be experienced on the band's 2021 album, "Psychic Secretions". Usually within underground metal, we loathe the mainstream, but this is the type of track that'd win Oscar nominations and awards for best composed theme-music to some movie scene. Theatrical in a way judging form its elegant rhythmic escalation yet the bones of black/death can be heard clanging ever loudly.

With a track like 'Pilgrimage' (and already released 'The Occidental Scourge'), one is left to wonder what other musical feats are to be heard on "Psychic Secretions". That will be revealed February 1st when it is secreted through the corrupt conduit that is Nuclear War Now!


The Great Righteous Destroyer - Bass, Vocals
The Serpent Inquisitor - Guitars, Vocals
Khronomancer - Drums


Entered: 1/6/2021 8:23:46 AM