MB on Spotify - December summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

Here we are, summarising the last month of 2020 and it looks pretty good. We've had plenty of good headbanging material, both full-lengths and singles, recorded in studio and live, new material and re-releases, brought to you by both big bands and beginners about to become big bands.

So, let's jump into the list of singles, our list for December has almost 7 hours of carefully picked gems from each upcoming album. As usual we had to wait quite long for another full-length from sludge/doom legends Eyehategod and while we have to wait another 3 months, we get at least a teaser of their next release. Other big names/veterans on this list are Einherjer (who moved from Indie Recordings to Napalm Records), Sirenia, Moonspell, Asphyx, Therion, Tribulation, Korpiklaani, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Epica. But we obviously have some new names which have quite good material, Wayward Dawn definitely caught my attention with their new 2-track single, I also advise checking out their full-length from April "Haven of Lies" (if you're into death metal, of course). Other tracks worth checking out - Thron, Baest and Sinnrs. But obviously make sure you browse through the whole list, maybe you'll find some other treasures:

The list of EPs, as usual, in full: Hyperdontia/Mortiferum (split), Soilwork, Oldblood, Einvigi, The Fallen Prophets, Grimgotts, Cesspool of Corruption, Morpholith, Dead Shape Figure, Rise to the Sky, Curse of Eibon, Cazador and Corrupted Saint:

Now, the big releases. 66 full albums for you to check out, which would take you two full days, with no sleep, to go through. Interestingly, only a couple of them are long-running big names (Deeds of Flesh and Gama Bomb being probably the only ones that I know and Within Destruction's instrumental version of their last album released in August), we've got another band where you can hear Björn "Speed" Strid (in case you can't get enough of his voice), I Legion, but basically December seems to be a good month to search for new stuff and expand your musical horizons. Or find new bands in metal subgenres you already love. I would personally recommend Release the Blackness, SRD, Genus Ordinis Dei, Show Me a Dinosaur and Cosmophobe (quite interesting instrumental prog death stuff). All 66 can be found under this link:

We also have been given some live performance releases in December. You can find relics from an era when people used to gather in big groups and listen to artists performing music in real time in the link below. These include Avatarium, Baroness, Domkraft, Elephant Tree, Horsehunter, Inhalement, No Return and Summoner:

It's another anniversary of "Draconian Times" by Paradise Lost, so obviously we get another re-release of that album, remastered and with some live and demo tracks. Apart from that Les Chants de Nihil decided to remind us of their two older albums before releasing a new one in 2021. And if you want to check if you can do karaoke singing "Ace of Spades", you get an instrumental version of the track to practice. All can be found here:

I found only one compilation released in December and it's Manowar's 3 albums released 1987-1992 - "Fighting the World", "Kings of Metal" and "The Triumph of Steel" under Atlantic label:

As usual let me know if I missed any important new releases on Spotify, remember to buy merch from bands you like from these playlists and don't forget to keep an eye on our profile as we already have some releases from January there.

Mosh responsibly \m/

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