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Uten N​å​digst Formildelse

Norway Country of Origin: Norway

1. Bell Witch
2. The Black Flame Of Seth
3. The Black Hearted Ragana
4. Abyss Of Eternity
5. Misanthropy Void
6. I Djevelens Skygge
7. My End
8. When I Enter The World Of Unknown

Review by Vladimir on April 23, 2023.

Here I am back with more Norwegian black metal, this time focusing on a two-piece band Ekrom. The band's lineup consists of drummer Thomas Ødegaard (AKA Tex Terror, longtime drummer/vocalist of Nocturnal Breed) and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Kharon, an early member of Norway's Covenant. Their upcoming debut full-length album Uten Nådigst Formildelse will be released on June 6th via Edged Circle Productions.

We kick things off with the track 'Bell Witch' where not even a fraction of a second passed and there's already blast-beats, tremolo riffs and melodies, with pretty ugly shrieking harsh vocals that sound as if Kharon is choking, reminding me a lot of Pest when he was still singing in Gorgoroth. Luckily, the album is not all blast beats though, as it changes the tempo drastically to standard double-bass drumming during the slower riff sections, keeping the dynamics flowing. From the second track 'The Black Flame of Seth', songs get even more interesting. They also introduce some powerful synths and open string guitar riffs, providing a more symphonic and melodic vibe to the overall darkness. The sixth track 'I Djevelens Skygge' is probably the most wicked sounding out of all the songs on the album, with very creepy gothic choirs which might give you chills shivering down your spine. The album's raw and sinister atmosphere, including the overall performance, really oozes of pure dark, magical and medieval vibe. Although there aren't any moments in particular that standout on this album, there is still plenty of substance, which I consider enjoyable and decent enough to hold your attention throughout your listening. The sound production, although pretty raw and cold for black metal, has a nice genuine feeling as if it came straight from the 90's because of the guitar tone and distorted vocals that managed to create and perfectly shape that atmosphere.

Although this may be nothing but another black metal album in Norway's catalog, nonetheless it was a decent experience which wasn't a mood killer by any means. You can clearly hear that Ekrom is a lovechild of two experienced veterans in the Norwegian black metal scene, which will definitely last for some time and I hope that they also intend to keep it that way.

Rating: 8.1 out of 10